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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by toymaker1, Jul 5, 2012.

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  1. Just a passing thought.

    Wouldn't it make sense to transfer Army aviation to the RAF - and it would then be on their budget, which would then leave enough money to retain several infantry regiments in the Army? - operation duties and control of apaches etc would remain as it is now.
  2. i thought that too , while i do not agree with soldiers loosing thier jobs, i feel its about time some re-organisation occured.
  3. I thought that as well but I'm thinking out of my pay scale.
  4. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Or perhaps just end the longest experiment in history and devolve the crabs back to their parent organisations (along with the apportioned budgets).
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  5. Yeah - the RAF are so stupid they would just absorb the cost using their own budget.

    I vote Toymaker1 to be CGS right away!
  6. So are you volunteering to tell the likes of Flashy that they have to either re-role or attend Cranditz in order to carry on flying? Because, according to out light blue chums, only officers can fly.*

    Bonne chance, mon brave. :thumleft:

    *Mind you, there isn't a single one of them that can tell you why, but I guess that's what happens when cutting edge doctrine becomes mouldy old dogma, eh.
  7. The RAF do not have officer aircrew. They have poor imitations of NCO aircrew dressed in polyester. It is rather like teachers in Germany claim 'officer status'.
  8. I know that r?_f. I've stayed in Deadloss Mess. I was just humouring the lad.
  9. The reason we(that's the royal we) the RAF don't have non commissioned pilots anymore is a throw back from the cold war. It was deemed that only officer would have the moral courage if you will, to enable him to drop buckets of sunshine on Lenin and his comrades and not flake out over Moscow, like a Guardian reading lefty.

    Apparently it is a prerequisite for those willing to drop nuclear weapons to be able to discern the difference between Hendricks and tonic and that vile imposter Gordans and tonic, and have the ability to enunciate and pronounce his Ts

    Why, as we no longer have any nuclear toys do we not recruit noncommissioned pilots I do no know.
  10. ok lets forget cuts make the whole think TA employ few mercenaries to do the hard jobs and well save those ******* in Whitehall ****loads of money to keep them in life there use to including the MOD ******* that way we save money and leave the UK to every terrorist that wants to make himself a name, I laugh NOT !. This has to stop now because if we really end up in another Gulf War we are all up the creek without a paddle 82,000 men no matter how good your tech is it don't beat boots on ground holding it, fighting for it and keeping it 1000lb smart bombs dont kill squat unless all the enemy in one spot no matter how good it is, armour still needs infantry to keep it safe, and umav can still be shot down, you need manpower to fight defend and hold any area you take otherwise pack up and go home.
  11. Too true, my Pa was a "Major".
  12. Do you know how we know you are mentally ill?
  13. Maybe you could hire some mercenaries to fight the war against the English language that you seem to have gotten bogged down in, with no clear exit strategy...
  14. Send keysetting. Over.

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  15. I agree. - that's the point I was making. It seems a bit stupid to sacrifice valuable (priceless) infantry assets - which cannot be quickly re-created in an emergency, when Apaches could be transferred to RAF for day to day manning, retaining existing command and control as present (i.e. JHC under overall control of Army land command). - no need for that to change. - only difference is that, for the same cost to the Army, several irreplaceable and vital infantry battalions would be saved.