Army cuts = deselected for pilot training!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by woody565, Jul 18, 2012.

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  1. Had a letter through the door today explaining that due to army cuts i am no longer required to turn up for the army pilot course that I was due to start soon!! How bad have the corps been hit? Are they likely to still be recruiting soon?
  2. Bugger! Not a lot more to say really.

    As they are going from lots of Lynx to just a few Wildcat, I would suggest not. Never thought I'd see the day. :(
  3. Sorry to hear that, the AAC is shrinking and i'd imagine that not a lot of people are making the jump to civvy street just now.
  4. All is not lost, compadre. From an advert on our very own Arrse website:


    Fill yer boots my son. Never mind the army and its slack handful of tatty old choppers, go professional!
  5. Bloody hell mate you must be pig sick!

    I hate to suggest it, but why don't you ask about the crab air or Fleet Air Arm commissioned route?

    Only an idea.................................................................................................................
  6. I heard the failure rate is about 80% with the majority of that being anyone with an accent that isnt posh. When was that last time you heard a geordie voice coming from an Apache?

    So unless you are cut from regal cloth dont beat yourself up too much or try australia:

    Army: Aviation - Defence Jobs Australia
  7. I'd ******* beg to differ!
  8. Wouldn't bother going FAA. There are literally hundreds of pilot candidates doing hundreds of holdover jobs all over the Navy. We are literally swimming in untrained WAFUs
  9. I do believe the AAC is one of the few parts of the army that will be bigger after army 2020 kicks in. Doesn't mean it's growing it just means its being cut less than others ^~
  10. I phoned pilot recruitment up today and they told me they are still recruiting NCO pilots, although not as many. An output of 30 rather than 45ish
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  11. Bad CO

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    Proportionally that may be accurate although the AAC is losing about 150 (ish) in total. This includes one major unit (9 Regt to merge with 1) and one minor unit (AH Sqn, but we've never been able to recruit or retain enough for 6).

    There is a letter from DAAvn doing the rounds which has quite a lot of detail.

    Pretty devastating news for the OP though.

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  12. I recall a Geordie Apache pilot awarded a MC in Afghan for 'landing on' and getting stuck-in recovering a fallen Bootie. That Geordie had a geordie accent.
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  13. So run this past me again...

    A common thread from our jollies to iraq (assorted) and afghanistan seems to be a chronic shortage of rotary....

    And the new wizzy cunning plan is for smarter and more deployable forces...

    And were cutting the already too small rotary?

    That seems like a very cunning plan Baldrick.

    Stay away! We're already tripping over you lot!