Army Curry Night

I would like to thank the selfless soul that set up the Army Curry Night on Wednesday.
The Curry was superbe and the bits were so reminiscent of the mess.
I had a super time chatting to 2 arrsers and that is where my disapointment stems from.
From all the chat about the night I had expected to see loads of arrsers. Not so sadly.
Where were you all.
Fortunately the land lady seemed happy as her regulars were eating heartily.

A good chance wasted :frustrated:
Agree. Food was excellent, great venue, many thanks to Sandbanks esp.

It was good to see that fellow arrsers exist in the flesh, and aren't in my imagination (or alternatively something that my computer makes up on a daily basis).

More support next time, was bloody good otherwise :thumleft:


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Thanks to all those who did make it. By the end of the evening I was beginning to feel the effects of the Timothy Taylors, but had a very enjoyable time speaking to the ARRSErs who were there. The pub were pleased with what they saw as a successful evening and are looking to repeat the event but will serve a different menu - it could possibly be Mexican. So we could all go as bandits but after thinking about it that would make us ARRSE bandits so perhaps not such a good suggestion.

I'll keep you posted gringos.


Can you make next time other than a Wednesday please? It is the wrong side of London for me but if it was a Thursday would make the journey
Apparently they don't do food other than on a Wednesday or Sunday... Perhaps they are open to negotiaion - If they cook it, we will come?


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Unfortunately we already know the answer to that one. If the success of last night was dependant purely on the attendance of ARRSE members then it would not be repeated. Wednesday was chosen as that is traditionally their quietest night and they will do other themed evenings as I mentioned earlier but again it will be on a Wednesday. I for one would not want to say to the pub 'If we do it on a Thursday more people will come" based on last night's showing.

I can fully understand that people don't want to schlepp from one side of the city to the other on a mid-week night (although some of you did!) so I think going forward the secret is for others to organise events a little closer to their homes.


disapointed said:
From all the chat about the night I had expected to see loads of arrsers. Not so sadly.
Where were you all.

After the usual end-of-drill-night shenanigans a mate and I raced over and managed to get the last 2 curries at about 10 o'clock.

About 8 stragglers made it in for last orders. I'm sorry we couldn't have supported it better but if my thanks and appreciation could be passed on to the staff and chef at the pub I'd be very grateful.


Oh my god. missed this. I'm an idiot. Sounds like a great idea. Someone tell me where the next one is..?


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Had a cool night all the same. Mrs Catch drove home to sunny Hampshire bless her. My mates enjoyed the tucker and the Ale.
Any Tim Taylors pub would pull them in tho.
Thanks Sandbanks
Hello to Milsum and DontMentionTheWar too.
Happy bidding still.

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