Army Curry Night in Putney - ITS ON!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sandbanks, Feb 12, 2007.

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  1. As promised, I have spoken to the landlady of the Bricklayer's Arms in Putney this weekend and the curry night is on!!

    When: Wednesday 7 March

    Where: The Bricklayer's Arms, Waterman Street, Putney SW15

    Curry will be served until 10-10.30-ish pm to allow for any local TA Teds who have their drill nights that night to get there.

    Price: A fiver.

    As mentioned in previous threads it will be curries cooked from the ACC bible - 'the Blue Book' - by an ex-ACC chef, poppadoms and sambals. For those of you who enjoy real ale the pub offers the full range of Timothy Taylor's beer, along with two guest ales. The draught lagers include Staropramen and Budvar. Hopefully you can make it - it should be fun.
  2. In addition to the above 'Catchyerselfon' has very kindly donated his copy of the 'Blue Book' for an auction on the night. All proceeds will be donated to the ABF at his request. Should anyone wish to bid for this item, but cannot make the curry night, just pm me with your bid and
    I will bid on your behalf (a bit like those auction programmes on the TV).

    One other thing too - the pub does not take credit cards so bring beer vouchers of the folding variety.
  3. I might make it, if not when is the range stew night?
  4. Any chance of getting this bloke in for Army Navy? Lots of hungry mouths!

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  5. Superb! I'm there. Can I have extra fatty chicken and sultanas in mine please...

  6. I'm there, what times kick off?? Leave a bit of vindaloo and madras for me you pigs.

  7. Just a thought mate but i think this should be in the arrse social forum.
  8. On a skool night too!
    Ouch 'mein kopf is kaput unt mein arsh en der morgan vom curry nich vom pimmel' or whatever, never was good at French.
    Make sure you feckers bid good and hard on this book too .
    Its a very worthy cause and Mrs Catch will not keep nagging me about 'when will we ever have to make a curry for 50 people!" or "Get rid of that bloody blue book"etc etc
    See ya there
  9. Can a MOD put this in arrse social please so we might be able to get a few more? Cheers....

  10. Bumpity bump
  11. Include me in!
  12. Is this just for the guys or can girls turn up too?
  13. Of course you are welcome. In fact, I've drafted in some single ladies to even things up. Don't forget folks that although this was started before the ABF Curry Lunch became public we shall be auctioning a copy of the ACC Blue Book and donating the proceeds to the ABF. I'll post a reminder nearer the time too.
  14. Just PM a Moderator and they should move it for you.