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Army Courses

I am looking to keep busy after summer leave, I was wondering what kind of courses the army offers i.e courses that would look good on the CR, courses that would increase my knowledge of soldiering. I also would like to know the name of the mountain leader course the army runs. Any info would help. :?
Depends on what rank you are, a lot of courses are rank ranged although if elegible then some form of instructional course is good to raise your profile within your unit i.e. CBRN instructor, Skill at Arms etc.

The Mountain Leader Training course MLT (summer) is the most basic mountain course you can do, this allows you to take upto 6 individuals hill walking as long as it is below the snow line. To complete these courses you have to start at the bottom and work your way through the various courses, this is a progression in training which must be carried out in order for you to demonstrate that you can safely lead groups of individulas on increasingly ardous environments.

Hope this helps.

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