Army could be needed in UK prisons

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ExREME..TECH, Aug 2, 2017.

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  1. I remember that one well, a family friend, he died last year, was the assistant governer at Peterhead at that time and I seem to remember the official line back then was that no military were involved in that incident despite what the media was saying, it was all police. Of course, our friend did know better.

    Will have a hunt around to see if I can find news reports from the time to confirm, think the Sun had pictures of men in strange black clothing abseiling down from the roof, etc.
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  2. Don't be ridiculous :mrgreen:
  3. There are many reasons why Colchester is 'better' than a civvie nick.

    For a start, there's none of the really serious criminals that make HMP their home - murderers, rapists, drug dealers, terrorists etc don't go to Colchester, they are discharged and go to civvie nick.

    There will be far, far lower rates of drug addiction in Colly.

    There will be far, far lower rates of mental illness in Colly.

    The majority of prisoners in Colly know they still have a job to go to when they finish their time and so have something to lose if they misbehave.

    You simply can't compare civvie nick and Colly. Other than both being 'prisons' (and Colchester isn't really, it's a training centre) there is literally no comparison between the two.
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  4. Isn't Colly MCTC where you go if you want to learn how to ride a motor bike?
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  5. As you say, HMG initially denied SAS involvement, despite media reporting to the contrary. SAS involvement was eventually admitted, and personnel gave evidence from behind screens, in an unsuccessful legal action by one of the prisoners which was heard by the Court of Session in 1993.
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  6. Its mentioned in a few MOD sanctioned books to written by former SAS soldiers too.
  7. Can't find any of the original reports, but I am positive that the role played by the SAS was absolutely denied at the time even though the guys involved looked as if they were pretty much identical to those nice chappies who occupied THAT balcony.
  8. Not all who go to Colly continue to serve.

    We used to have a few transferred to the HM Prison Service from Colly via Chelmsford (Prison Used for the Porridge Film Series after the riot there in the early 70's), to us (CM awarded more than 6 months/18 months? and not allowed to soldier on).

    Bumped into a few ex squaddies that way who knew of me via a mate still serving etc.

    Strange letting in your old Chief Clerk and his Daughter on Domestic Visits to visit her punchy (ex) squaddie boy friend.

    Even stranger when it was locking up your ex Squadron Troop Commander who was a little careless in his accounting and filling in 1771's.

    And the best of all an ex RCT Driver who was keen to enhance the lives of little old ladies and pinched the OAP bus full of them, and then take them to the seaside when all they wanted to do was go down town shopping.

    There by the Grace of God.
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  9. Exactly right. I've seen documentaries on Colchester MTC and the way the staff treat/ speak to the SUS, couldn't happen and wouldn't work in a civie prison.
    Its alot easier telling serving soldiers who want to remain in the Forces what to do, than some wannabe gangster who's serving 15 years for firearms offences.

    I've done both jobs, squaddie and prison officer ( briefly) and the two are nothing alike... sadly.
  10. Oh yes, lets call upon the already over-stretched, under appreciated Army for another problem within the public sector services because the Tories have slashed them all so badly. As if Temperer isn't enough BS to have to put up with readiness levels then some **** wants to have rent a squaddie manning the prisons.

    P.S Whilst I'm having a rant, if you're reading this Fallon, you're a complete and utter THUNDERCUNT.

    (I am no fan of Corbyn either by the way)
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  11. You, in a very good post have summed up the apple and orange in my supposition. Perhaps my point though was that to fall back on the MOD for guidance, is not a bad thing.

    The general standards throughout, required in Military service, have always, through life or death necessity, been higher than the civilian world. Sadly though, I suspect, always thought by the ‘older generation’ to be worse than theirs.

    We look now to a generally tense world with social problems exacerbated by soaring populations, increasing pollution, and more competition for jobs and stability in and increasing unstable world.

    Political correctness, liberal enthusiasm and a generally laudable desire for a Utopian world where all are equal, happy and fulfilled, is, while admirable and certainly to be aimed for, sadly is not yet here.

    Prisoners are getting out of hand, staffing seems inadequate, not well paid or trained, and in todays world of instant news, and desire for instant gratification of all, not quite possible.

    That is life, always has been, and we simply have to get on with what we have, as best we can.
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  12. Things will not change .
    Any day now , the Islamic zealots will take over a wing and kill and decapitate a prison offer , and throw their heads out of a window .
    The inevitable response will be " lessons will be learned " , only they won't .
    We live in a world of government by sticking plaster .......
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  13. Couple of weeks ago, a colleague was seriously injured. Severe lacerations around the head & neck by an improvised knife wielding con.
    Most serious assault on staff I've ever seen & l've seen a few.
    He was defending another con who had already been stabbed.
    Suffice to say, the perp said he was unhappy at the way the prison system treats Muslims.
    If the system bent over backwards any further, we'd be able to lick our own ar*es.
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  14. Perhaps we should outsource our prison population. Ill bet there is a some kind of Supermax Corrections Inc in the US who could take our prisoners?
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