Army continuous attitude survey 2011

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dyedinthewool_Fusle, Sep 2, 2011.

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  1. These are the main findings published by the MOD in regards to the CAS. Obviously their spin on it and I would say definitely not in order of importance or impact on retention. It is absolutely good news that soldiers are more satisfied with things like pre-deployment training and personal and major equipment but it is the things like morale, sense of pride, being valued and good pay and allowances that will prevent soldiers walking when the economic climate improves. I fear another period of under manning coming up!

    "While the results show reduction in satisfaction in some areas, there have been increases in satisfaction in other areas. The main results show:

    1. reduced levels of morale and satisfaction with Service life in general
    2. higher levels of satisfaction with pre-deployment training and the amount of notice for deployments
    l3. ower levels of pride and feelings of being valued in the Service
    4. increased satisfaction with major and personal equipment
    5. reduced levels of satisfaction with basic pay, pension and allowances
    6. many did not feel that change was managed well in their Service or MOD or that it was safe to challenge the way things were done in their Service or MOD
    7. increased satisfaction with their job in general and the sense of achievement derived from their job
    8. the majority viewed their immediate superior positively
    9. the majority also said they were satisfied with the standard and value for money of Service accommodation.

  2. Is the services any better or morale higher than say 55 years ago when this crap wasn't even invented?
  3. Who fills these in? Whenever I get one, it goes straight in the bin, as do those received by everyone else I know.
  4. It is the same with every job, you will never meet a person that will say I get paid way to much to do this. You only have to look at footballers and move stars as prime examples of this.
  5. I filled one of these in my last year of service. I said the same as I cynically thought at the beginning when asked such a dumb load of questions. Are you satisfied with your food and accommodation? You would need to be starving to say no. Are you satisfied with your pay and conditions? You would need to be brain dead to say yes. I do not know what they are supposed to achieve all I do know is things get tougher for serving soldiers in the same way things get tougher for people on the outside. No change in the last 30 years anyhow.
  6. In 36 years I only ever got one & that was when I was on FTRS. Needless to say the results that were published bore little reflection on what I entered or what others I knew at the time had put forward. Waste of everyone's time IMO, unless the object is to make MoD spin doctors feel better about themselves or gives them ammunition to discredit all naysayers.
  7. Despite looking back fondly on Army life, I whinged like **** at the time. I don't see how anyone can take these surveys seriously.
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  8. Has anyone got a link to the survey results? Can't seem to find them anywhere.

    Ta muchly.
  9. There's a link to the PDF report on the DASA page here.

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  10. Cheers Donny, much obliged.

    Always good to read the latest corporate propaganda :)