Army Commando?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by civvygit, Sep 29, 2006.

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  1. Wasn't sure where to put this so Infantry will do.
    Mate of mine stopped at services on M4 today saw what he thought were Royal Marines but they had Army Commando on the shoulder tab. Had a chat with a couple of them who told him they were in fact Army Commando's and were a separate organisation from Royal.
    How long have these been around? My mate thought they may have just passed as some of them were walking as if they had just done a 30 miler.
  2. Hmmmm. Marines, eh? They are part of the Navy you know.
  3. These guys perhaps
  4. What badges, capbadges etc were they wearing?

    Obviously RLC, Artillery, Engineer, Scaleyback AGC, RMP etc attatched to 3 Cdo brigade have to pass AACC and so get the dagger and green beret to wear with their existing corps cap-badge and so can be termed "Army Commandos".

    There's also talk of one of the Rifle regiments acting in support of the brigade. No one seems to be sure yet whether AACC will be a requirement but it will certainly be open to members of the relevant regiment.
  5. No he said they weren't 59. Worked with them before.
  6. They had the normal green berets but didn't see their cap badges as they were rolled up in their pockets. They had green stable belts with a dagger in the centre.
  7. Sounds like the new rifles malarkey
  8. Surely army AACC qualified only wear the dagger and not a soulder title "Army Commando" like the RM?
  9. I dunno, keep your eyes peeled and you might even see the lesser spotted 'Royal Navy Commando' shoulder title. Seen it myself in Bosnia on some sneaky beaky chappie.
  10. didnt the marines originally have a light infantry support unit in the form of RMLI albeit a bit disimilar from the current proposal as they where also marines not army.

    strikes me as the government are now realising that it was a good idea to start with and should of scrapped it maybe wrong happy to hear news on this
  11. Usually Medics, RM's used Navy Medical Assistants who go through the Commando Course. Saw quite a few of them around DMSTC this year.
  12. The RMLI was a version of the RM at one time - just as they are Cdo now.

    As for RN Commando - this goes back to WW2 and ratings/officers are still entitlede to wear the shoulder flash if they have passed the AACC and are serving with 3 CDO Bde or other RM units.
  13. Royal Navy Commando shoulder flashes are quite common within the Commando Helicopter Force, less so within the medical world and obviously some sneakies. Wasn't aware there was an Army Commando shoulder flash though, seems a bit random!
  14. I did once see an RN Commando rupert (with full set!) on a footsie with 45 Cdo in Whiterock in '81.