Army cognitive test

As part of my application to join the reserves (as a soldier), I've been asked to complete the "Army Cognitive Test". I was wondering what this entails and how difficult it is, I want to be an engineer so I think I need a high score. I practised the BARB online and found it easy but apparently the new test is different. Should I be worried?
Did these tests this afternoon.
They have example questions before you take the main test so go through these however many times you need to until you're happy. All pretty straight forward, just the verbal reasoning i found tricky.
Good luck (remember they are timed with no notice as to when the time is going to run out)
I did the test today I was just wandering when I get my results
I’m not certain but I think it depends on the context of when you did it. I did it online weeks ago and never got any results but I’m joining the reserves and it might be different for regulars. I think the one they send you online is sort of a practice one since you have to do it again at selection. At selection you probably get your results at the end of the day.
Ahh nice one, it was a I was a bit slow with answering it if I'm honest,so I'm a bit worried about it. I'm not very good with computer tests you see
I'm not very good with computer tests you see
Er? How can you not be very good with computers? I assume that you are aged under 40 mate?
Maybe, you need to brush up on your computer skills at some point bud.

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