Army Childrens School. Malta St Andrews.

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by gary442654, Jan 24, 2010.

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  1. 1969-1970 as a kid, i attended St Andrews School in Malta. I've read that it closed down only a few years later. Does anyone know where the school was situated? We lived in Tigne & can remember a short ride to & from on the school bus. :?
  2. I was a brat in Malta from 1958 - 64, but at the naval school.
    At the time there were two Army schools, one at Tigne and one at St Andrews. With the draw down, Tigne was closed in 1970, and all pupils moved to St Andrew's.
    St Andrew's was just past Paceville, on the road leading to St Paul's Bay. In the scheme of things, it wasn't far from Tigne to St Andrew's, probably about 15mins by bus.
  3. thanks Trackpen. More info-great. I've be scrolling along using google earth but still haven't spotted anything familiar. Then again, it was a long time ago. Buildings & sports field may well be holiday homes by now.
    I have fond memorys of St Andrews. The khaki school uniform with the red belt was pretty cool for a start.
    For some of the morning assemblies an army padre would turn up. He had the sharpest adams apple poking out of his throat i'd ever seen!

  4. Try

    This is the original St Andrew's school building. I have a feeling it is now part of an international private school, now, which would account for all the sports'fields nearby.

    having said that the pic I have on Google Earth is well over three years'old!!

    BTW, 'Triq' is Maltese for 'Street'.
  5. Thankyou Trackpen!
    This fits nicely with my memory of the school. My classroom was within the red rectangle & I remember the big playground that i've highlighted blue. I also remember gazing through a chain link fence at break times at the long, straight road that runs along the side of the school; Triq Falaise.
    Was back in Malta Feb' 1992 to run their marathon. I asked in a few bars about the school but nobody knew what I was on about so I gave up & just enjoyed the holiday.
    Thanks again Trackpen. happyhappy.

  6. Glad to have been of assistance. I go back to Malta a fair amount for work purposes and consider the island almost as a second home - having had almost seven years of a blissful childhood, there.
  7. I was also at St Andrews from 66-69, went back to Malta last year and found the school. It is now a Catholic girls school.
    This was conformed by the barman in our hotel who said his daughter went there.
    I managed to get in and take some pictures if anyone is interested.
  8. I can't believe no one jumped on this....;)
  9. I'd really like to see your pictures mike190 ! This is incredible. Yes please. I'll send you my email address if the offer still stands. I know this reply is a month or two late.
  10. Hello Gary442654, I took went to the St. Andrews Army Children's school, in Malta, but it was way back in 1952! I left in '54 having reached 11 years and had to go to the Navy Children's School at Talhandaq, as the Navy consolidated all the service schools at secondary level. I never went back to Malta until last year when I returned with my Mrs for a holiday. Looked for, and found the school at St. Andrews. It is just as it was then save for the playground area at the back having been built over. The big footy pitch in front of the school is now a stadium. It was eerie to go back after 55 years!
  11. I came across this site the other day: TACA home .
    There's some interesting material in there.
  12. oldbaldy

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    Went back to Malta earlier this year, my eldest went to St Andrew's from 74-77. When we told her the place was still a school her comment was, 'I hated the place' Oh well!!
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  13. I was at St Andrews '68-'70 and remember the junior school being on the upper level.
    One of the best memories was hanging around the "circus" in Gzira for the bus, which often broke down en-route, to get us there.
    The M/T would send out a Bedford 3 tonner as a replacement, better than a bus any day.
    I think my Mum still has the summer uniform school badge in her sewing tin.

    Happy days at the Rob Lido (?) swiming out to the rafts, saturday morning movies in the Naafi and 1p back on a Coke bottle which got you a huba-buba gum.

    I remember the running battles we had with the local kids on the bomb sites: As my dads CO commened at the time, "The Airborne spirit is alive in the quarters I see."

    We (the Bn, wives and brats) came back to a shitty wet Aldershot, via Brize to a Salerno Cresent pad oposite the Naafi and Talavera schools.

    Happy days indeed.
  14. "Do remember that vehicle conditions and driving standards are different in Malta..." :)


    BTW - shouldn't this be in the Old & Bold, rather than The Lamp and Sandbag?
  15. A slight understatement there, I think!

    Mid-70s I was back on the Island, in uniform. My job required me to have a car and MT didn't have any spare, so they hired a vehicle for me from a garage in Gzira. from the first, I realised that the brakes could have done with a bit of adjustment - actually, they could have done with some brake pads, I believe. However, I persevered and adjusted my driving style to suit. After a couple of weeks, and a couple of near misses, I bit the bullet and took the car back to Gzira to complain and, hopefully, pick up a replacement - having first of all cleared it with the MT WO.
    The garage owner listened to my complaint then, in the inimitable, smiling, fashion of a good Maltese businessman asked me how long I had been driving the vehicle in this state.

    "Oh, close on a month," I answered. To which came the reply: "Well, it shows that sir is a very good driver if he can drive in Malta without brakes for that length of time and not have an accident."

    Anybody here actually have driving lessons and take their test out there?