Army chiefs warn on prosecutions

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PTE_BOZZ, Jul 15, 2005.

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  1. ''Former leaders of the armed forces have raised fears that the morale of troops in Iraq is being damaged by the number of criminal investigations they face.
    Six ex-chiefs of the defence staff criticised ministers in the House of Lords on Thursday''

    Is this not a bit late? maybe they should have said something when they were still serving.
  2. The story heats up some more:

    From The Grauniad:

    My unalloyed delight at those wretched arrses in MoD getting a drubbing (again) aside, isn't it a bit late for all these terribly important people to be rustling their newspapers about this? The gradual erosion of CO's rights (and the wider legal piece) has been underway for years - tacitly aided and abetted by a succession of 4 stars - as it is right now.

    A junior minister being wheeled out to assure us that one of our chaps will never go to the ICC gives no cause for relief at all - when the Government decide to push the knife in, who will remember the junior minister then?

    I'm going to declare an interest straight out of the box - I have been investigated for certain alleged offences, and found the whole experience extremely unpleasant - in fact, the SIB chaps actually stated they didn't believe it was the right thing to be doing. I was also present at another incident which made very big headlines and is alluded to above. We have got this all wrong - how are we supposed to have faith in a system which applies Whitehall logic and process to a split-second decision taken by (possibly) a very young man fighting for his life in pursuit of a political goal he may not even believe in?

    Anyway, I'll just get my coat. The story is here.

    **Rustles newspaper**
  3. Interesting that Inge also said that he felt SIS were too aggressively looking for cases.