Army chief: we won't win wars if we are cut again (Spending Review 2013)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AlMiles, Jun 14, 2013.

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  1. Forcing more spending cuts on the military would be dangerous and disruptive and would damage the country’s ability to win wars, the head of the Army warns.

    George Osborne, the Chancellor, has said he wants to find £11.5 billion of savings from Whitehall departments and the Ministry of Defence is expected to be hit hard.

    Army chief: we won't win wars if we are cut again - Telegraph
  2. Would the General care to tell us which conflicts we have won recently?
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  3. Fire chief: we can't fight fires & save lives if we are cut again
    Police chief: we can't prevent crime & protect the population if we are cut again
    NHS chief: we can't provide quality healthcare & life saving operations if we are cut again

    Obvious reaction to facing having your budget slashed really.

    "We" :) ?
  4. Liberation of Kuwait, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan (invasion) and Iraq (invasion).
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  5. We won the cold war....then the Germans simply invited the Russians in....we handed them our technology...and they bought our politicians. Now they control the energy supply.

    Well done NATO!
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  6. Not that obvious as I think he is the first one to mention it for a while.

  7. Winning part of the wars of Iraq and Afghan don't count neither were ever in doubt with American firepower. Claim Iraq as a victory is like saying the Germans won World War One & Two as they did quite well for some of it.

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  8. I like the qualification on Afghanistan and Iraq... And Northern Ireland was a win?
  9. So you weren.t part of the cold war then?
  10. Except it's not as Germany wasn't on the winning side. Winning both World Wars were probably pretty inevitable by the end thanks to a starving German population (WW1) and the massive Soviet numerical superiority and Allied air dominance (WW2). Does that mean we didn't win them?

    The enemy agreed to give up their armed struggle, hand over weapons (notwithstanding opinions on whether they handed in their best guns or not) and abide by the rule of law and the decisions of democratically elected politicians. Sounds like a win to me.

  11. Liberation of Kuwait = Land battle won, took a long time to actually subdue Iraq many years later

    Northern Ireland= We banged up loads of terrorists that murdered hundreds of our troops and innocent people, we let them out, gave the QMs, CO, and OC, of this terrorist organisation equal political status. Who really won?

    Bosnia= They realised in Bosnia that if they can act peaceful for thirty years they can benefit within the EU, it will boil over again,

    Kosovo= See above

    Sierra Leone= we were a thorn in the side, that was all, it will kick off again.

    Afghanistan= I think we have been at war with this cesspit for over three hundred years, not won yet

    Iraq= Iran won the power play on this one,

    Next time you take your tablets take water with them,
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  12. so Sadam is still in power and OBL is still being hidden by his chums in the Taliban who are running the country? No? Then I guess you're talking shite then
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  13. It wasn't part of Ireland last time I looked, so yes.
  14. Pick BBC Radio Northern Ireland there is continuing violence there, low key, but on-going.

    However, to qualify my first posting, I did say recent... :)
  15. I know. I live here. It's a small number of hard line holdouts. You might as well claim we didn't beat Japan in 1945 because a few groups kept on fighting on small islands in the Pacific for so long afterwards.
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