Army chief warns of terrifying prospect of failure

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by singha61, Oct 3, 2009.

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  1. The head of the British Army, General Sir David Richards, has issued a wake-up call to the public by warning of the "terrifying prospect" of a defeat in Afghanistan.
    In an unprecedented intervention, the chief of the general staff described the conflict as "this generation's war" and added that failure by Nato would have an "intoxicating effect" on militant Islam.

    In his first interview as the head of the Army, Gen Richards told The Sunday Telegraph that if Britain and Nato failed in Afghanistan the risks to the western world would be "enormous" and "unimaginable".
  2. Muslims and Islam will rule the world anyway one day so might as well let it happen sooner then later. Christians or Atheists for that matter haven't the bottle any more to stand up to them. At least I'll be dead by then so don't give a fcuk.
  3. good on him for speaking up. here's hoping brown is listening..... fat chance.
  4. Don't think they won't follow you into hell............

    I think if they let loose the Christian fundamentalist lalas in the US on 'em there'd be a pretty good punch up!
  5. Reform the Knights Templar! :D 8)
  6. [​IMG]

    ok ill start it
  7. Beauseant! :threaten: :D
  8. Will you still have the enforced bumming rule?
  9. We are going to lose in Afghanistan... The Same way we have lost in Iraq.

    Don't confuse this political defeat due to the erosion of public support and lack of proper funding with a military one however. I dare say as long as NATO troops remain in Afghanistan the most important military manouvres will be perfomed by NATO troops. However The Taleban have endless potential recruits and no political masters to answer to.

    We have a weakening pool of potential recruits as they're all either too busy sponging off the government being chavs or growiing their hair and listening to Blink 182. We also have a weak government failing to properly fund the war. Not to mention pressures from The EU and The UN which will eventually result in a coalition withdrawal.

    The problem is we're not fighting a war against Afghanistan as we were 100 years ago. That war like Op Telic 1 would be a very swiftly won campaign as they were bombed through the floor. We're fighting a war IN Afghanistan with just about anyone who has a beef with the western world. Afghanistan is that bit of grass behind the bike sheds at school where the fights took place but unfortunately its their bit of grass and not ours. All they have to do to win is remain.
  10. Why is the General resorting to scare tactics?
  11. Perhaps the British public would have more faith in the war if Generals had adequately equipped and supported their men?

    Perhaps the British public would have more support for the war if other NATO countries displayed a similar level of concern for the global threat posed by Afghan farmers?

    As we hear of yet another refusal of this Government to support their Generals by refusing to fund another 5 chinook helicopters, why the hell should we have ANY faith in the political leadership of this war?

    Don't blame the British people for failure in Afghanistan, the reason for the lack of support lies at the abject failure of "leadership" in the MoD and Govt.
  12. I will assume you haven't done a recent tour in Afghanistan as those boys definately aren't just Afghan farmers.
  13. I watched an interesting film last night.... Body of Lies, with Leo DiCaprio and Russel Crowe...

    Crowe's character(CIA Head of Middle East Division) said a few words that I thought were so close to reality and to where we find ourselves today in Afghanistan.... No doublt many will argue, but the the shear truth of the matter and the fact the words will be unpalatable to most, will create massive arguement.... for those in denial... [in my opinion]


    "Do we belong there or do we not? It doesn't matter how you would answer that because we are there. We're tired, and we can't see the end. We can't even console ourselves that our enemy is just as tired as we are. Because they're not. It is a fallacy that prolonged war will weaken an occupied enemy. It most likely will make your enemy stronger. They get used to the deprivation, and they adapt and respond accordingly. While here at home with every death reported we have to deal with a public-opinion trajectory that slides rapidly from supportive to negative to downright hostile. People just get sick and tired of a moment's silence at a ball game.They just wanna be told that it's over."

    "Our enemy has realized that they are fighting guys from the future. Now, ahem, it is brilliant as it is infuriating. If you live like it's the past, and you behave like it's the past then guys from the future find it very hard to see you. If you throw away your cell phone, shut down your e-mail pass all your instructions face-to-face, hand-to-hand turn your back on technology and just disappear into the crowd No flags. No uniforms. You got your basic grunts on the ground there. They're looking going, "Who is it we're fighting?" In a situation like this, your friends dress just like your enemies and your enemies dress like your friends. What I need you to fully understand is that these people, they do not wanna negotiate. Not at all. They want the universal caliphate established across the face of the Earth and they want every infidel converted or dead."

    "So, what's changed is that our allegedly unsophisticated enemy has caughten on to the factually unsophisticated truth...we're an easy target. We are an easy target and our world as we know it is a lot simpler to put to an end than you might think."

    Go out and get the movie. Its a must see.. ;)
  14. I think you're confusing the Poor Soldiers of Christ with 3 Para Morters! 8O :D
  15. The scare tactics are aimed at brown, not the people. Brown does not listen to experts, evidence, simple common sense. Gen. Richards is trying another tactic. Hopefully, this one will work, but i doubt it.