Army Chief predicts a generation of conflict

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Aug 28, 2007.

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  1. See the full article at this link from TimesOnline

    As an aside, it is interesting that the event from which the media were banned was a conference held by RUSI, the prestigious Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies. You may remember Amyas Godfrey from RUSI appearing on Newsnight to defend the new DIN aka 'Gagging Order'.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    I 'never' saw it, you didn't see me see it, and even if I did, I can't discuss it :(

  3. I'm possibly being daft, but is there a link to the full speech somewhere?
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Just stick in an FOI request ;)

  5. I'd like to read it, would the times email it to us?
  6. I think the Army Chief is a bit late in the day regarding his statement..
    a Muslim Caliphate uprising, is already in Southeast Asia ,look at Indoneseia and new troubles in Malaysia to include Sarawak and Sabah...
  7. Well it's not rocket science is it? Until the Palestinian problem's solved, large numbers of Muslims across the globe are going to be pissed off, and some will express their anger through violence. It's what angry people do. And countries such as Britain, with large Muslim populations, will suffer domestic terrorism should they get their foreign policy wrong. The old adage is correct: there can be no peace without justice.
  8. Um- we shouldn't make domestic or foreign policy to placate a minority of our population - or anybody else's. If they want to express their anger through violence then they should suffer the consequences. You also appear to be suggesting that if the Palestinian problem is solved than all radical muslim violence will stop - it won't

    Get real - and who says our foreign policy is wrong - its a big subject and slightly more delicate than you make out.
  9. I agree with RM, foreign policy or the lack of it is a delicate matter and should be left to the public school people.

    But in the mean time. maybe we should pack up and come home. Let the Afghans and Iraqis sort out their own countries. We could them deploy the army to do immigration and police duties here in regards to drugs, firearms and immigration.

    I am joking but maybe some brain drain in Whitehall already suggested it.

    After reading the papers on Sunday about the biggest ever opium crop in Afghanistan. it looks like cheaper junk for the druggies. So that Pete Docherty taken care of!

    We cleary have a government who never think "what would Maggie do now....."
  10. Sounds a little threatening to me.
  11. Sadly, there are few here who would suggest that CGS' assessment is anything less than on the money (Yes Sir, I am available for Christenings, Bar Mitzvahs and cabaret). Whilst only a few months ago it was the norm to scoff at the "Clash of Cultures" being touted amongst the more right wing chattering classes, this now seems to be coming fact. I fear that a resolution of the Palestine question will now do little to defuse the situation. "Not losing" against the Superpower in Afghanistan and Iraq are both powerful incentives and recruiting agents for those who see the Caliphate as a reality. "Not winning" in Afghanistan and Iraq are powerful incentives for disengagement and self-recrimination in the liberal democracies of the West.
  12. Hmmm what we need is a final solution to the Islamonazi question.
  13. Islamonazis won't go away if the Palestininan problem is solved; they will try and use other examples (real or otherwise) of supposed Muslim victimhood to aid their cause. What it would do however is - to coin a phrase - help to drain the swamp within which Islamoterrorism functions; the wider hinterland that might not actively support, but tolerates extremism because of anger over this particular issue.
  14. Rick Shaw, there is big difference between placating people and ensuring justice. And as for the Palestinian problem. It matters neither here nor there whether its resoloution quelled all Muslim violence. Its a problem and it needs sorting. And one thing we could be assured of were that done that would at least eradicate one source of violence.

    Your argument there is one often used by those who wish to have an excuse for not dealing it.

    And as for telling anarky to get real and asking him who says our foriegn policy is wrong, perhaps you could point out the success in following.
    I'm buggered if I can see any.

  15. Arabisation is on the move with or without the Palistine problem, a Caliphate is forming and is gradually growing stronger in Southeast Asia
    Middle East and Africa. Where next?