Army Chess Association?



Try the Army Sports Board in Aldershot, they'll know if there is one.
Bert said:

6 down, on the left.
another good reason why the army should get them out of the clutches of the navy.
Bert said:

6 down, on the left.
A bit suspect Bert!! :D i hope you were part of the "green machine" and just checking up on mates?or why else would you cruise the RN Website? :D :D :D
Feck me! Navies cruising - whatever next!
MDN used to be the President of the BFG Naked Chess Club. Don't know if it's still on the go like.
is there really a chess association in the army, if so are there any quals available to beome an instructor, there is for everything else.
Apparently the Association often prints details in DCIs. Was told that these could be searched on the MoD intranet by keying in the word'chess'......tried but couldnt do search on my (RLI) system.

Perhaps someone else might be able to look for you...........
I did the instructor's course a few years ago and I don't think they run them any more. MDN is very good at draughts though - he might know about chess.
Dale The Snail said:
I did the instructor's course a few years ago you did, you old slapper..
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