Army Chefs V Jamie Oliver

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by spike7451, Dec 29, 2005.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Me & the missus was watching Jamie's School Dinners over the hols & the missus asked me if Army Chefs were better than the Jamie Oliver brigade.Of course I answered "Yes" but I had to explain that some of the Army Chefs were better trained than these celebrity chefs & can create food better than a 'top chef' anyday.Just that these Chefs chose a Military career instead of a resturant career.
    What got me was that a lot of these school dinner ladies could'nt cook but just reheated crap but after a few days with the Army,they got the basics.
    The fact that Oliver chose the Army to help out his school dinners project is brilliant as he chose a resource that is proffesional & also knows good food!
  2. Jamie Oliver may be a good slop but can he turn out good, tasty scoff in minging conditions when he's cold, wet, tired and not getting paid a 6 figure sum for doing it?

    I'm not a bean slinger but must admit that our slops are good, both in camp and in the field. Plus, Jamie Oliver is a fat tongued cockney freak with an anorexic, excema ridden missus who's stocks and sauces contain 60% of his own saliva - the drooling fool.
  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer Reviews Editor

    FFS DB2 - you pissed? You are being nice here. 8O

    I totally agree with your comments about the master-gyppos though. 8)
  4. I think that the chefs in all 3 services do a top job and can't knock them for what they do. It's when they're replaced with civvy tw@ts/contractors that the problems start.
  5. Did two weeks on Allied Warrior in Portugal. The food in the Mess was the best I've ever eaten in the Army. Consistently EXCELLENT. Well done the 3 Div Chefs.
  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Agreed! I remember one Chef at RAF Kinloss who made a wedding cake for my cousin a lot better & far cheaper than a civvie baker.And all the proceeds from his efforts went towards a good p*** up!
  7. I could never find fault with the standard of food, or the fact there was allways ample amounts of it. I never envied the shifts that they worked either.

  8. Things must be looking up ! In my day it was Who called the Cook a Cnut, followed by Who called the Cnut a Cook.
    Well done.
  9. In my experience

    RAF fat splashers – brilliant
    Army ration assassins –excellent

    Never been near a Navy cookhouse so can only judge their slop jockeys by saying that I don't think Anya was put off from going up to the hotplate for seconds.
  10. My experience!!!

    Army Slop Jocks = Quality and always good humoured

    It's the "hired help" that will chop ur hands off for asking for that extra banger!
  11. My dad spent 2 years in the Aldershot Concrete Company (as was) in the early part of his 40 year career as a chef. When he joined those National Servicemen who were mechanics, labourers, clerks et al who got drafted as chefs ended up in cookhouses in various corners of the shrinking empire. As someone who had been a chef for 5 years when he was conscripted, dad spent 2 years cooking in the Officers Mess in Shrewsbury; but I digress.

    I had Venison for Xmas day lunch on board HMS Cumberland in 1990; the best Sweet & sour I ever ate was on Keeble Airfield in 1993, and the food in Sipovo in 2001 was so good I had to be beasted in the snow for an hour a day to get rid of my surplus fat.

    In 20+ years of eating Army food the only time I've felt the need to complain was on a course at Bordon in Jan 95 when the food was consistently bad. Suffice to say the Mess had just been contractorised and the contract had gone to the Turkey Twizzler bidder. Fortunately for my figure, they had changed the contract by the time of my Tiffy course.

    I may slag off the RLC driver trade and have a few good digs at the Sup Cons until they lower me into a grave, but I have never eaten a duff meal prepared by AAC/RLC chef, they truly are the pride of their Corps.
  12. Service cooks/chefs any day.
    Best meal to date I have ever eaten was after Gulf War '91',4 weeks of waiting in the desert Kuwait and we are moved to Al Jubahl-Saudi,half through the route we pulled at a large tented area and sent through big marquee manned by good old ACC and given the most delicious steak and chips ever eaten to date,steak done as I waited/wanted it and covered disposable tray!,2nd tray for mountain of chips.What a meal after months of self cooked compo.Still makes my jowls quiver with the memory!
    Any other arrsers eat at said diner?
  13. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    A refreshing change to see positive comments about RLC chefs outside of the RLC forum. If you pop over there they get a right slagging. :twisted:
  14. From my experience rightly so. We get served utter rubbish and yes I do use the complaints procedure in place, but to ill effect. The worst part is that I know we have good chefs trained to a high level that can produce excellent food. They just don't bother. Not so long ago they had an inspection and as with all the Army when it's inspection time they glossed it over. They pulled their fingers out and for a whole week we had fantastic food for all 3 meals. The following week with everyone expecting the same culinary delights we were welcomed by plastic cuttlery, paper plates and the usual deep fried "roast potatoes" and my personal favorite King rib. Cheers for showing us that you can't be arrsed and don't have much pride in your work it is after all what you joined the Army for, not some sort of punishment. All of this from an RLC camp too.
    I do agree though that t's even worse when the civi contractors come in.
  15. I ate superbly on TELIC 2 at the Palace. The chefs worked like trojans and produced real top notch grub.

    Also in Camp Eagle I was amazed at the ability of the chefs to serve ice cream in 60 degree heat!

    I've also eaten very well from field kitchens - they once conjured up kebabs from a 10 man rat pack supplimented with some fresh. Very tasty.

    Some of the worst food I've eaten has been from contractorised cookhouses.