Army Chef Vs Civi Chef

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by UKLF_Kat, Jun 9, 2006.

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  1. CMon lads and Lasses wot do u think ????
  2. Gorson Ramsey on pan bash being a LOOOOOOOOSER! Too bloody right!
  3. Given the budget military chefs can do an absolutly fantastic job, have been to mess functions where they are given a good budget and the food they produced was amazing.
  4. As I've said before (and I'm an expert-I like my food!), military chefs are very very good. People slag them off but you've got to remember that they're working within the confines of a budget that gives more money to feed guard-dogs than pongos/matelots/crabs/booties.....
  5. And of course guard dogs only lick there own balls for personal hygine, not for pleasure...... :lol:
  6. Why do dogs lick their balls?

    Because they can!!!

    I've had more than my fair share of dogs licking my balls :blush:
  7. 3 PARA motars type or the K9 veriaty!
  8. What are the rules? are weapons allowed, such as blenders, knives, pans etc? points system or knock out? Obviously Gordon Ramsey would not be allowed to simply run people over in his car I hope.
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Why do you think that Jamie Oliver used the ACC school to train his Dinner ladies? And the contestants on the 'new' Masterchef goes Large had the contestant's cooking for the Army? Because they are the best in both cases & in the Masterchef case,the contestant's had to prove to the best!
  10. Army Chefs hands down, particularly when compared to the monkeys that are employed in most Mess and Cook House kitchens these days. Someone should tell these people that pride is not a dirty word.
  11. OK its time for mw to come clean Im a civvie chef (hate me i dont givea fcuk !) but the budgets we have to work with r a piss take (£1.87) pr squad pr day. Bless em my lot r good lads and they r slowly becoming educated through open and fair disscusion from my point they understand the constraints.

    Its about time the DMR was increased and roll on september when 3663 get dumped as the supplier cos the r fcuking ****
  12. I used to like when Army Chef's used to get ragged over the Hot Plate in the Cookhouse for talking down to the blokes like a piece of shit,when all they'd done was ask the Chef if there was any chance of on Omelette !
  13. Thats the thing nowadays they talk to us like we ve signed up i give as good as i get if they ask in the right way they get whatever they want talk to me like crap and they starve
  14. RAF scoff = :D NAVY scoff = :D ARMY scoff :cry:
  15. Civvy's have chefs, Army has cooks................