Army Chef on Masterchef,The Profesionals.

Anyone else see last night's Masterchef,the pro's?...One of the contestants,Shaun (40-Aldershot), says he's "a very well respected chef in the army" seems confident..
Stilton tart with glazed apples & head chef Monica is well impressed with his cooking.Fat boy Greg liked it as well..
Good luck to him,he's certainly dressed smarter than the rest...


The UK army actually call their fitter and turners "chefs"? Gordon Ramsay is a chef, army cooks are handy sources of salmonela.
Did he rap Fat Boy Greg over the knuckles with a ladle & shout, "OI, CUNT, ONE FUCKING APPLE"?
But they don't normally say, "Here's £2.50 per head and you must include chips" in the Masterchef instructions, do they? Service chefs, given money (mess dinners, balls) and a decent amount of time have pretty much always been able to do a very good job.
Agreed re Mess dinners, where for chips substitute Marmite potatoes...
Shouldn't this be in the WaltenKommando forum

which ever way you skin it somethings wrong :)


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Did he not make it hours before service then dry it out under some lights?

The Corps will be distancing themselves from him for that basic error.
The Army School of Catering has turned out top Quality Chefs over the last 60 years, who regularly took and are still taking out all
the Highest awards in Civilian Catering competitions , Hotelympia and La salon de Culinaire have always been dominated by army chefs
the royal wedding and christening cakes all made by ex ACC apprentice chefs , Billy Butlin used to personally recruit army chefs
for the summer and easter peak periods,At the moment most of the Top Catering colleges in UK are staffed by ex army chef Teachers
I put in my 13 years , and as a chef I was a great rechie mech, unluckily someone had to eat our cockups ,
I must admit that when I joined up in 1990 (I know, sprog) I very rarely had a duff meal. Even when crew cooking with 4-man packs we'd eat well as long as the Operator knew his onions.

It was only when contractorisation came in with a vengeance that to food went rotten.
Best food in the Army,was always the Sgts Mess.

Obvious,the Head Chef was a member of the Mess,anything less than perfection on a Regimental Dinner,strung up by his knackers,by the other Mess members.

If,Shaun has survived the RSM's scrutiny,Monica,and Michel Roux Jr,hold no fear whatsoever!:eye:
Wheres the talk of wanking in the fucking milk and suckin the jam and cream out the pastries its the naafi bar ain it?

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