Army chef honoured for outstanding work in Afghanistan patrol base

Discussion in 'RLC' started by MoD_RSS, Nov 5, 2010.

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  2. Top man--well deserved. Must have been a major morale booster for the rest of the troops.
  3. Well deserved but an RLC Lance Sergeant?
  4. Attached to the Guards?
  5. It does say a little further down that he was attached to 1CG.

    Fair play to him. Made the best out of a bad job and got hands on with the blokes when it all went noisy.
  6. Top, top, top man! Food and Mail! If neither appear or are 'hopeless', there is 'trouble' ahead.

    Medics, Cooks, Mail-men, amongst all the others, who support the infantry, are mainly worth their weight in gold. Mind you, I only had thirty five years and eight months at RD, so I probably know the square root of 'eff all'
  7. Amazing bloke. Cooking for 160 on your own would be pushing it even in a decent kitchen. And then add in the occasional patrol and a bit of first aid to stop you getting bored ...
  8. Yeah I know that. I was unaware however that attached Arms took on their rank structure.
  9. Yes, they do. Regardless, what a top bloke. Who thinks an MBE wouldn't have been out of order either?
  10. Its optional in someplaces, one one hand people think your a sargeant so getting things done is slightly easier on the other you have to pay mess bills.
  11. Though I wouldn't imagine they would amount to much at a PH in Helmand
  12. But if he chefs for them back at barracks....

    Anyone reckon he was still smacking hands with his ladle shouting 'oi, one sausage!!!' :D

    Well, done. On tour the chefs always seem to come up with the goods.