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Army chef honoured for outstanding work in Afghanistan patrol base

Top, top, top man! Food and Mail! If neither appear or are 'hopeless', there is 'trouble' ahead.

Medics, Cooks, Mail-men, amongst all the others, who support the infantry, are mainly worth their weight in gold. Mind you, I only had thirty five years and eight months at RD, so I probably know the square root of 'eff all'
Amazing bloke. Cooking for 160 on your own would be pushing it even in a decent kitchen. And then add in the occasional patrol and a bit of first aid to stop you getting bored ...
Though I wouldn't imagine they would amount to much at a PH in Helmand
But if he chefs for them back at barracks....

Anyone reckon he was still smacking hands with his ladle shouting 'oi, one sausage!!!' :D

Well, done. On tour the chefs always seem to come up with the goods.

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