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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Matt44, Apr 27, 2010.

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  1. Hey do you need to book an appoinment to have a word with some one at the army careers office.
  2. nope just rock up, but it could be busy and you may not get to speak to the right person straight away
  3. Nope- just drop in, and they'll give you lots of pamphlets and stuff, and explain any questions for you. It's what they're there for!
  4. ok thanks for quick response.
  5. Any one no how long it can now take if everything goes well. Before starting basics.
  6. there's many variables but average seems just under a year, it sounds long but it goes in stages and you're kept busy throughout.. by the time you start you might be hoping for a few more weeks civvy time as it goes so fast.
  7. ok Thanks. I am undecided as to what section to join. Will either be engineering or a job in the signals section. Anyone no which one has the least waiting list?
  8. It's not just a case of what has the longest waiting list, it also depends on what grade you get at ADSC. The better your score the higher up the waiting list you'll be, and therefor you'll get a date quicker.
  9. Hey I can't find the opening times for my AFCO are they all 8 30?
  10. If i remember correctly they open from 9 or 9.30am till about 5pm except for Thursdays when they open till about 7pm. There was another thread on this forum about that. If in doubt phone you local AFCO and find out. Find your nearest AFCO on

  11. Play safe, go for 1000hrs and you might even get a cuppa! :) (Or you could phone them up first to check opening times.)

    Turn up, have a chat, grab some general info - read info, try and pick a few jobs/regiments you like the look the look of then get some more detailed info on the jobs you like the look of. (Pop in for another chat too.)

    Don't get pushed towards a job that you don't want to do - if you find something you really want to do - go for it!

    Any dramas; pop yourself back on here and give us a shout.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.
  12. Most are 08.30 to 16.30 but give your self a good hour just incase of lots of questions and get in before 15.30, take parents along aswell...........look at the sticky that has been put on the top of this forumn for lots of useful advice. Remember theres no obligation.
  13. Once again, We dont push people to jobs they dont want!!! Stupid statement.

    Yes if you find a job you want to do then go for it, but at least listen to the advice given to you by someone with a lot of experience!!
    I have never pushed anyone towards a job the y dont want But I have definately steered people away from jobs I knew they were not cut out for!
  14. Stupid statement - really? I know of a two people that were signed up for jobs there didn't want to do as it was quicker to join and 'they could transfer after basic.'
  15. Which it is, but you have to stick to your guns once your in Basic, there is a chance to discuss your job choice later on in training!!