Army Careers For An Asthmatic

My other half wants to join the army and i'm supportive of his decision but he is worried because he suffers from asthma. Is there another department of the Army, like engineer or something? Is there anywhere I can speak to anybody about this? He has spent the last 3 years in and out of crappy unulfilling jobs and helping to look after our daughter whilst i'm at college and he deserves to do something that he wants now so thanks in advance guys and girls.

Naomi :D

Wheezing diatheses
3.5.2. History. Wheezing (including asthma) is common and recruiting
medical officers must take a careful history to detect childhood disease
including further enquiry into such symptoms associated with wheezy
bronchitis, recurrent cough, exercise and cold induced wheeze and previous
use of bronchodilators and inhalers. In addition it may be necessary to obtain
a report from the applicant's general practitioner (GP) to clarify the history.
3.5.3. Candidates with a wheezing diathesis should normally be graded P8.
Candidates with a history of wheezing or chest tightness on exercise should
also be graded P8.
I forgot to add

3.5.4. Exceptions. The award of a P2 grading may only be considered for
candidates with a history of wheeze or chest tightness who have been free
from symptoms and off all treatment for the last 4 years and who fulfil either
or both of the following criteria:
a. The history of wheezing diathesis was confined to the period
prior to the age of 4 years1 and there have been no episodes since that
b. There is a proven history of a single episode of wheezing
associated with a respiratory tract infection since the age of 4 but more
than 4 years ago

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