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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Andy17800, Sep 1, 2007.

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  1. Hi everyone im new to this forum, im sorry if i have posted in the wrong place, so correct me if i have.

    Theres a few things i wanted to ask.

    I am considering a career in the armed forces, im trying to decide between RAF Police, MOD Police or RMP.

    My dad is in the police and its something i have always wanted to do, but the military really intrigues me.

    so heres the questions,

    Is being in the army just being shouted at and treated like dirt all the time like everyone seems to think?

    What do the RMP do all the time, is it standing around on gates? Policing work all the timei know they do solider duties aswell but how often?

    and last thing my mum and dad really arent keen on me joining the army, cause they think it is for thick people and people who cant think of anything else to do, and i think this is really wrong.

    Just wondering if someone could answer these questions for me and give me a bit of adive etc as to what army and RMP life would be like, im asking first hand rather than just reading what the website tells you.

    thanks a lot

  2. hi, i'm probly not the best person to reply to this, as I'm not in the armed forces, so please feel free to just ignore this. But I can completely understand how hard it is when your parents don't want you to join. I havn't bothered telling my parents that I'm joining until I've passed selection, because I know full well that they'd do everything in their power to stop me from going, when I might not even pass anyway lol.
    Anyway more to the point, have you been to your AFCO yet. It's probly the best place to start. Try and get yourself onto some kind of insight course so you can get a feel for what you're geting yourself into. Do as much research as you can, not just on the army site but over random ones. Then the rest is up to you.
    Then again I probably don't have a clue what I'm talking about so hopefully someone with a bit more experience can answer your questions.
  3. Ok first things first - your choices for provost duties within the Armed Forces are as follows:

    Navy - Regulator
    Army - Military Police
    RAF - RAF Police

    The MOD Police are a separate constabulary that provide bespoke civil policing for the MOD; they are, however, civil police and not strictly part of the Armed Forces. A career in the MOD Police is quite diverse but is in essence not unlike a career in azny other civil police force.

    As for policing within the Armed Forces, I recommend you look at the websites for each of those options listed above as follows:

    Navy - (Can't find it but here is the RN Careers page) RN Careers
    Army - Royal Military Police
    RAF - RAF Police

    I hope this helps and I am sure you will get more information from someone who is employed within these roles... (and a lot of abuse I suspect but that's just the way of the Armed Forces - get used to it pig :D )
  4. You are just what we need in the Armed Forces though; articulate, resourceful :roll:
  5. I have been in the Army for thirteen years. Does anyone think that it would be better to transfer to the RAF( same trade) it seems to me that hey are better treated both in work and the families too!
    Its not as though I havent acheived anything its just now time to put the family first. cheers
    Oh and by the way young man whatever you do join your parents will be very very proud in the end.
  6. thanks for your replies people.

    I just cannot decide between the RMP and the MOD police, i know what the mod police do, and i am applying to them, and my parents are fine with that.

    I was just hoping people could tell me what army life is generally like, and also he duties of the RMP, not just the duties that are shown on the website

    for example is it all standing on a gate and patrolling, or do you do infantry duties etc aswell?

    How often would rmp go abroad aswell?

    thanks for your replis guys
  7. The Police (RMP) rarely 'stand on a gate' as you put it - They are responsible for other things within the military such as:

    Traffic Control (both enforcement and to assist military convoys)
    Investigations (criminal (theft, assault etc) and military incidents (e.g. when someone has fired a shot)
    Close Protection (VIPs etc)
    Providing specialist arrest capabilities etc to military units (for example on an operation with the infantry etc)
    General policing (patrolling, advice, discipline)

    They deploy as often as all other specialist units but it all depends on your posting/role.

    For specific information I suggest you ask in their forum...
  8. ok great where can ifind that forum?

  9. It's nice to know that a guardian of the law , who probably wouldn't qualify for lots of jobs in the army, has such a high opinion of the forces.
  10. It's nice to know that a guardian of the law , who probably wouldn't qualify for lots of jobs in the army, has such a high opinion of the forces.[/quote]

    Do you not think that is a little unfair?

    You don't know what i would qualify for in the army, the RMP would be my choice for my own reasons.

    I was merely asking if this is the case, as this is how the army seems to be perceived, and the second part was my PARENTS, not me.

    I want to be 100% sure i am making the right decision by joining the army, hence me asking, if im not sure its what i want then i would not perform to the best of my ability, so surely it is better that i am positive it is what i want, rather than have a soldier who doesnt want to be there, as this could potentially be dangerous.

    But i appreciate your post, thankyou.
  11. I waqs actually talking of your father's opinion of the forces not yours. To be a good RMP comprehension is probably one of the prerequisites.
  12. I understand that, i just think that what you said was a little unfair regardless of who it was meant to be to.

    People will always have concerns before joining a job, therefore i feel it is best to iron out those concerns, then i would be 100% committed to what i chose to do.
  13. It's not a 'job' - this is a major lifestyle change; you need to be prepared for that. The Army website covers all the things you need to live up to (Military Covenant - which the government will honour eventually :D ).

    The RMP forum is here:

    AGC Forum (RMP is included within this)
  14. Andy, basically wherever the army is in any numbers, there are military police, so you might be posted anywhere. Though squaddies generally make noises that the 'Monkeys' are hated, many a Tom has been glad to see them in some fairly tight spots. While RAF police duties normally are confined to within RAF stations, so gate guards are a definite option, RMP have a much wider remit and will never be seen on gates. There is also the possibility later, at sergeant level, to join the SIB, Special Investigation Branch, the army equivalent of CID.

    You will, repeat will, be shouted at in training, as you will be expected to always look smarter than the average squaddy, which might take some doing - unlike the average present-day civvy copper, who normally looks like the proverbial bag of * - with possible apologies to your Dad, who may be an old-time one who does press his kit and clean his boots before going to work (and all the ex-squaddies now in the Force - sorry, Police Service).

    During my service, I always had tremendous respect for them, in spite of the odd gobby power-infected idiot who you'll find anywhere. Get the literature, lurk on the RMP forum, make up your own mind and if you think it suits you - go for it - and if you do, be a good 'un.
  15. thats cracking advice Jimmy. thanks a lot

    i will wait to see how my MOD Bill application goes and in that time i will research as much as i can about the RMP.

    thanks buddie!