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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ARMY_MAD, Jul 24, 2005.

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  1. Hey guys

    i need your wisdom!

    i went to the recruting office and got told that the longest amount of time i could spend in the army was 22 years. however ive heard you can stay in for longer can someone clear this up for me?

  2. Basic colour service is 22 yrs for ORs, however there are exceptions such as the long service list where you can serve beyond your 22 yr point. I have known a few individuals who have completed the full 37 yrs as an OR, this however is not the norm, there usually has to be a good reason for keeping you beyond your 22 yr point such as a trade or skills gap.

    There are a few Capbadges currently looking into the possibility of certain trades serving until they are 55. There may be someone out there who can advise you further on this if you are looking for a full 37 yr career.
  3. Yes mate, there are opportunities to stay longer but they depend on a great many things. Stick to reaching 22 first, by 12 you'll know wether you want to go the whole hog or not!
  4. And so will the Army. Did the Recruiters tell you about the Manning Control Point?
  5. They don't need to, its not used any more. Its still in QRs but I believe some court case ruled its use illegal under employment law.
  6. It's more a case that they don't need to use the MCP any more. New soldier contracts run according to strict time limits. Fail to meet the required standards and you will find your career brought to a close. The employment law issues were related to soldiers being ordered to sign a change to their Terms and Conditions - in breach of employment and humanitarian law.

    Here's the official line. Essentially, it means that anyone who doesn't promote by a certain point falls into a pool of personnel who can be binned.

    There's also stuff at the link on Continuance and the Long Service List. The other way to serve longer is, of course, to be commissioned - in which case you may continue to serve until 55 or (in the case of 1* and above) 65.

    Frankly, though, ARMY_MAD, at your age there's no need to start worrying about serving longer than 22 years. Wait until you've actually joined up and work out whether you like it or not.

  7. You put it better than I, IdearsFactory. I Could not find a link on the court list web site for the breach of employment and humanitarian law case. I take it the MOD settled this case before it went full hearing....the norm then
  8. Don't the RAF still allow blokes to supplement their pensions by staying on until they fall apart?
  9. true, but the RAF are not torn apart by their 22 yr point. somthing about Civies in uniform ect