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I'm about to start sandhurst, but I’m unsure of which part of the army to join. I would like to potentially work for an aid agency after my army career, would any particular part of the army be suitable for this work. I understand Logistics could be a good one. Any advice?
It would have to be one of the corps. The problem with being an officer in a corps is often you are not qualified to do the job your troops do, and if you want to work in an aid agency in any meaningful capacity the experience you need will only come after you become a capt or above.
You could try logistics, or a the engineers. The medics generally require their officers to be prior triained (it saves the taxpayer money that way). Are you trained\qualified in anything useful or did you do a media studies course?
taff 1980 said:
Can you give me more info on logistics. I'm swaying towards that or army air corps
Why not ask in the RLC Forum?
I cant believe youve even dared to use AAC and RLC in the same sentance! They are as comparable as a commoner on benifits who sniffs glue and speaks with a regional accent and an officer in a logistics corps!

Why per chance are you thinking about the AAC to further your civvy career? I wouldnt think it was a logical choice in the line of work you are interested in, unless of course you have an ATPL in your pocket.

Did you pass or fail grading? If its the latter, the chances of getting a commision as DE on the ground is as good as waking up next to Kylie and her asking for a bit of dry **** prior to her blowing your legs up.
If you are lookign to further a career in civvy street, perhaps you should consider a career in civvy street.

If you want to be an aid worker, why not parade a the local sally army station with a box of minestrone cuppa soups :D
Take it easy on Taff, it's a natural mistake. Everytime I think of the AAC, I think of a bunch of bumbs in a soup line before they go to the local welfare office for their monthly checks. :D
I think of a bunch of bumbs in a soup line before they go to the local welfare office for their monthly checks.
You seem to have experiance of the subject, Cpl? BTW, did you manage to get your trailer relocated?
woopert said:
Why not ask in the RLC Forum?
To be quite blunt (and I don't want to defend the AAC here too much) the Really Large Corps is your best bet.

Follow Woop's career path, a couple of years stacking blankets and then on to a flea infested Oxfam shop that stinks of moth balls and old ladies wee.

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