Army Captain on Deal or no Deal

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Angoria, Sep 24, 2008.

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  1. Channel 4 now
  2. How exciting! Some of us have jobs! ;)
  3. "Firstly I thought a Chinook was a big chopper until I met Nick" Pointing at one of the box wallah's. Good to see a change from the usual dribble. I'm waiting for him to Pootache Edmonds.
  4. Some of us had to give our jobs up when DH got deployed. Only wine and council house TV keeps me sane!!
  5. Bloody hell, I thought Captain Ingram was trying it on again!
  6. They had a little squashed up benny opening one of the boxes and he threw one up for the bloke with his little arm.
  7. You Sir, are going to Hell!!
  8. No the benny is for crap saluting :D .
  9. Do we have a name?
  10. Can't remember but it will be on channel 4+1 again in about half an hour if you've got sky.
  11. He's bought the ranch by the looks of it.
  12. He won £5000
  13. He should have got 10p for the embarrassment caused by his crap military jokes.
  14. Captain Nev, from what I could make out, missed the start so didn't see regiment dets or anything like that. Stupid bloke anyway, should have dealt when he got offered £12,500.
  15. RLC Captain, no unit mentioned.