Army captain Judith tells how she defused 14 Taliban bombs

Army captain Judith tells how she defused 14 Taliban bombs on her first day at work in Afghanistan
Oct 5 2009 By Marion Scott
A COURAGEOUS Scots Army captain defused FOURTEEN bombs on her first day at work in Afghanistan.
Bomb disposal expert Captain Judith Gallagher risked her life time and time again during a marathon 30-hour shift in the warzone.
She narrowly avoided detonating one booby trap with a trigger disguised as a rock on the desert floor.
Judith, who is just 5ft1in tall, then calmly defused another device as Taliban bullets rattled into the earth two metres away.
The 30-year-old said: "It's my job and I just get on with it. Once you have the device in front of you, the training comes to the fore and you just concentrate on trying not to make any mistakes.
"The knowledge is that anything you do incorrectly will be the end."
Edinburgh-born Judith is one of only four women bomb disposal experts in the Army.
Wish I had boll*cks as big as hers! 8O

Very well done to her and all of those mad f*ckers. :D
Good girl.

That and submarining are about the two jobs in the forces I wouldn't want to do (well, mobile bath and laundry would be in there too but for different reasons)
That the writhing and repellent nest of reptiles currently acting as our government have such heroines doing their dirty work makes me want to weep.

If this lady defused fourteen bombs in a thirty hour shift, then I have no doubt the monocular coward will be contemplating a reduction in the number of bomb disposal personnel deployed as a 'savings & efficiency' measure.

I publicly acknowledge that this lady displayed more courage - let us call it 'guts' - in thirty hours than I was called upon to display in thirty six years service - I may not be alone in this.

In the modern parlance: total respect to her and all her colleagues and grateful thanks.

PS: Even as I type I suspect some European Soviet Union 'jobsworth', plus a publicly paid team of advisers, assistants, translators, drivers, expenses and allowances supervisor and security officers, is checking for infringements of the 'Working Hours Directive' in relation to a 'thirty hour shift'.

PPS: Equality for Women - who needs it with 'This Miss' about?
SwearRodR said:
Way to go. :salut:
Oops! rather an unfortunate turn of phrase dont you think, "Way to GO" Ahem!.

Still, Salude Ma_am. :roll:
Anyone seen the 2,000 Counter IED specialists that Gordon promised a few months ago? No - didn't think so.

Crack on Captain Gallagher there's a good girl. Harriet will be very proud of you, provided you mention a few Wimmin's rights isssues in the next interview.
Isnt it the bomb suit challenge today in aid of BLESMA , just thought I'd mention it .



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auscam said:
'...due to return to Afghanistan in two years'

It'd take that long for my hands to stop shaking! Balls of steel, all of them.
Or ovaries of titanium in her case. :D
"It wasn't much good for the manicure - the ground is hard during the summer. But that wasn't the greatest worry on my mind."
No s hit ? 8O
As said. "Nails"
Remember her from university days: she was tough then, too. Delighted to see nothing has changed. Well done Jude.
Man or woman - makes no difference - you have my ultimate respect........