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This is my first time posting on here, so hello everybody :wave: I was told this was the place to go so I hope you don't mind the invasion! :wink:

My hubby is in the RAF and he is being posted (moving in Jan) to work at BAE Warton for 2 years. He was told there are no RAF camps close by so we'll be living on an Army camp. We can choose wherever we want but have no idea what our options are and where the best place to go would be. :?

I've looked on the net and found 2 camps - Fulwood which looks huge and Weeton which looks tiny, other than that I'm completely in the dark.

What are they like to live on? Are there any other in the area we should consider?

I'm particularly interested in how good the primary achools are as we have 2 small girls.

I'm also interested in public transport links as I'm, hoping to start a course in Manchester next September and would have to travel in by bus/train.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Are there any websites/links I could look at to find out more? :help:

Thanks a lot.

PM me.

I live in Poulton but shortly moving to Wrea Green, vomitting distance from warton.

I've looked into schools etc.

If you are lookign for Private education I suggest Arnold clicky

They cater for 2-18 and have some of the best results in the country.

Rather than take a quarter (They are a bit pants) is there an option to rent locally and claim this back?
Quarters at Weeton are ok. All except officers was refubished approx 5 years ago.

Parking can be a mare as all car access is to the rear of the house.

Warton FQ are a mess but they are nice at Fulwood.

Warton about 30 FQ no officers, Fulwood about 45 no officers and Weeton about 150 and 40 officers.

Weeton has a bus into camp otherwise it it pretty remote without a car. Weeton is also the only FQ patch out of the 3 inside the wire.
I have lived in quarters at both these locations. From what you say, about you not driving etc. Weeton is not a good option, shame really because it is the closer of the two to Warton!

Weeton is quite out of the way and public transport is very limited ( bear in mind i lived there over 7 years ago so it may have changed ).

As for having nippers, Blackpool is a 15 min taxi ride away so there is always stuff to do with the family.

The closest place for shopping etc is kirkham, which has the usual superstore, pubs etc. However it is a very small place and you wont fit in unless you have webbed feet!!

Fulwood is the better option, what with your ambitions to attend university. The patch at Fulwood is 5 minutes from the town centre and has all the usual good links to get there. Trains are very very frequent to Manchester, so the problem of not having a car is sidelined.

Preston is a cracking city ( i am biased by the way :D ) there is shite loads to do for all the family and is a great night out.

If yer old man is a footy fan, its a 5 minute walk to the football ground from the patch.

The nearest pubs are just out of camp, the sumners and the garrison respectively, both excellent and welcoming boozers. Be aware though, on matchdays these are absolutly chokker as is the access to the main route into town.

As for schools, we sent our spawn to a local school called Longsands. From memory it is a 10 minute walk from the patch and is a good school. There are loads of schools to choose from in the area , so i can only recommend having a look your self.

If you need any specific information about these areas, like porridge_gun said, just drop a line.

Hope this helps.

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