Army Cadets used to Clear Up!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AIR FILTER, Aug 16, 2011.

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  1. Is it right to use The Army Cadet Force to clear up this mess ?

    Linky ..... Salfordonline News

    My opinion is that the animals who made the mess should be the ones doing the work.

    Not unpaid good children who will undoubtedly receive a pat on the back and a certificate of merit from the general for their local detachment drill hall.

    A case of true community spirit ...... Or just Free Labour?
  2. No its not right but can you really see the ******* that did the damage cleaning it up I think not.
  3. More like the ACF COC wanting to big themselves up at the cadets expense camp....... Typical.
  4. You were so outraged you said it twice. Just seen it on the news, Community payback would have been a better option. Well done to the Cadets for getting stuck in, bet they were delighted to find they had been voluntold they were going to do it.
  5. ......or just a good timely bit of PR with a demonstration that not all kids a ferral scum?
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  6. And spoiling the cadet's camp who paid to go. Hmmm
  7. It's really that simple, isn't it?
  8. Personally speaking, I think that it sets these young cadets apart from their peers. I could be cynical and suggest that someone may be after an MBE, but that aside I think that it provides the ACF with very good publicity. Too many adults have wrongly viewed the ACF as 'child soldiers' and many on here have openly complained that teachers were very guilty of having done so and of head teachers having refused to allow any form of military organisation in or near their 'property' This sort of act, and it's a good one, shows that the cadets are a force for good and a place where kids can learn community skills and citizenship as well as skill at arms and camouflage and concealment. Good drills and more power to their elbow.
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  9. More like the former..........
  10. Absolutely couldn't agree more. I'm sure that helping to get their local community back on its feet after the riots will benefit the kids more than a day running round the field with cam cream on their faces. I'm sure in 10, 15 or 20 yearstime if you asked them to recall something they did in the ACF many will remember cleaning up after the riots; doubt many would remember another day spent on annual camp.
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  11. In the 70's during the firemans strike as a sea cadet we got to be RR Fusiliers bitches. Going for fags chips etc and cleaning the green goddess. great stuff we were the grateful recipients of cast off porn at the end of the strike along with a twenty a day habit!
    We also got a week away with them on the ranges and I fell in love for the first time.....With an Alvis Stalwart a love that has endured.
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  12. I think it's giving them a valuable insight into Army life. Join the Army.....sweep the world.
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  13. And get spammed......
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  14. Regardless of PR stunt or genuine effort by local ACF Det Cdrs to put something back I commend them. It shows the true spirit of cadet forces & leadership of adults. I hope that local shopkeepers reward these young adults with sandwiches, food etc. Likewise other shopkeepers should bung a few pound into the local ACF Coffers. At a later date if the local mayor presents the unit with a certificate of appreciation then it is a good news story locally and a great opportunity for a photoshoot. Not all 15yr old kids are scrotes. Some of us were Army Barmy Cadets and doing Duke of Edinburgh Awards etc and are a credit to our parents and have a clear direction of what we want to do in life. Cadets are on school holidays and I commend them for giving a good account of themselves and raising the general publics opinion of the cadet forces.
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  15. iirc the air cadets got kicked out of bed at silly o'clock at raf coltishall,to help sand and paint the jags desert pink,the day after saddam walked in to kuwait