Army Cadets should not be exposed to this

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by browny31310, Sep 20, 2005.

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  1. Catering Corps? They went out with the Arc and the Camel Corps mate.
  2. I take it you noticed it was in Australia?
  3. If you have seen the combinations of compo that some cadets shove down thier throats, Im suprised more havent taken ill, the current trick is to see how many packets of orange screetch they can get in thier gobs in one hit, just visualise that image for a second...and then think of the after-effects, im convinced they are mentally ill....

    And, I miss the ACC, better than the crap service and food thrown up on a hotplate these least they had some standards
  4. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Rarely had a bad meal in a military cookhouse or mess.....mind you, the horrorbags based on Wright's cornish nasties make up for that.
  5. In particular, that vegetable goo one we got last year at Wretham...looked like something not from this planet had a kit ckeck in a pie and then sold to Wrights then given to cadets..eeewwwww
  6. Where do they find the stuff that goes in horror bags,

    Champion Crisps?

    Frozen Pasties make by Sweeny Todd?

    Panda Pops (which could clean the gas parts of a LSW in 30 seconds)

    Soft Red Apple that tastes like a cross between soap and foam

    TUC cheese bicuits with smell and taste like feet after a route march

    At least they come in a handy sick bag

    The only decent thing is the fruit cake slice which is traded for about anything going.

    Still it could be worse, you might get issued two!
  7. i remember once a catteric me and one other bloke putting those cornish nasties behined the radiator to warm them up cos we got back late and missed dinner wernt to bad once you smothered the things in brown sauce
  8. Concepts which are alien to Cadets:-

    Washing of hands, even after a "Tom Tit"
    In fact, any kind of wash, soap or water, ever
    Cleaning of rooms\not living in a pig sty
    Using clean diggers to eat with
    Washing mess tins
    Cooking food properly
    Spare undergunks
    Toothpaste & brushing of teeth
    Clean clothes
    Soap Powder
    Spare kit
    Boot Polish

    The list goes on and on.

    I would guess that most Cadets could actually infect food with bacteria rather than the other way around.
  9. You have missed

    1. not nicking kit:

    2. Certainly not nicking kit that is clearly marked with the original owners name and then wearing it to the same Drill Hall and looking surprised when you here "OI THATS MY WEBBING YOU THIEVING LITTLE (you can guess the rest). "
  10. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    In my humble experience the most likely person to nick your kit is a member of your own unit. Visiting cadets only get to scavenge the leftovers.

    MiB has lost 1 set of jungly boots, NI windproof, 1 set of tropicals, roll mat, doss bag & Kawasaki Z550 all to regulars whilst on resettlement or detachment.

    MiB has lost one tent peg, one bungee, his lunch (including a Wright's Cornish Nasty-brave kid that one) and a 58 water bottle to cadets.
  11. Spent an entire annual camp with 2 guys in our billet that refused to shower. now i no some a consernd about there bodys but TWO WEEKS we had kids going ill from the smell.

    Tried to introduce tabasco to some cadets in my section for ther compo rations...the only use for it they could find was dousing my early morning brew and the oc's with the stuff.
  12. There are indeed quite a lot of clean, well turned out Cadets. Experience has taught me, however, that there are also a lot of "Mingers"

    At Annual you can usually tell who has recently done One Star Fieldcraft by the number of people walking around with "Ring-around-the-Face cam cream, often DAYS after the event.

    We had one kid at camp who had to be forced to shower by the CSM late into week two of Annual. During the first week we used him to distract the flies at mealtimes.

    Kit nicking is indeed a big problem. Hey, no clean shirt? no problem, just nick one off someone else.

    Try doing a pre DOE Expedition foot check. Along with the usual stuff, boots 3 sizes too big, pink Barbie ankle socks etc you will also be confronted with horrors beyond words. Yuuugh, Shudder.....
  13. on the subject of kit nicking id you know youve got cadets that you wouldnt trust anything with when u leave your locker open for anything under a minute and all visable gucchi kit dissapears. Have now bought eneough para corder to attach all kit to my person