Army cadets "ParaShot"

My eldest offspring is in the ACF and is wittering on about something called "ParaShot"

Unfortunatly he has no idea what it is, neither have I

Can anyone enlighten me ?
Its a means of inserting Aiborne soldiers when planes are not available.

They are crammed into large artillery pieces, (drop bag at their feet and reserve 'chute at the head) and fired off in the general direction of threat.

Very rapid insertion but not totally covert. Line of sight only.

Hope this helps.
Parashot is a weekend in April when the Parachute Regimental recruiting team invite the Para affiliated cadet units away for a weekend of training. (The cadets love it but it is generally closed to only para badged units.) Plus you have to take the endless recruiting spiel with a pinch of salt. If you have more questions - please pm me and I'll try and help out.
If he's into fieldcraft, he'll love it. Depending on his level, he could be doing anything from a tactical exercise to survival training, (watered down, of course).

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