Army Cadet Training Manual

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Cadet_Chandler, Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know where i can buy or download the full ACF training manual from?
  2. PM with your email and ill send you a PDF copy
  3. could i get a copy too please emptyeye

  4. Same gig, all I need is a email address
  5. Just pinged over my email if you dont mind sending one over to me
  6. Guys its 139MB too big for email sorry
  7. can you not put it in a winzip file?
  8. Why? Is cadets self taught now? You come here asking questions about a weapon which you would be taught if you needed to know. Now you're after the training manual, to do what? Why can you not get hold of the manual from an instructor?
  9. Yep, I know.
  10. Frimley Website has a link to it
  11. Just have to add though, every detachment has a CD copy of all pams, just dig it out.
  12. you can download it from the acf website

    pm me for password

    edited to add: well Adults PM me, seeing as it's an adult access password, don't want any of you little 'uns getting into the adult part of the website, where there's porn etc :D
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  13. in resposnse to wat troopie said
    1 our manual at unit is nicked

    2 we arnt taught how 2 strip the bolt but its useful to know how

    3 getting a manual for myself would allow more flexability for me when i need to plan lessons at home as opposed to rushing one in 5minites at short notice

    4 there are many things in the manual that instructors leave out
  14. Highly Illegal, as I think it counts as a pamphlet

    Thats because its illegal for cadets to do it, as mongs like you tend to lose things like cam studs

    You shouldn't be taking lessons anyway unless you've done at least JCIC. What lessons would this be, "How to deploy a stanley blade to your wrist?"

    If its been left out, you don't need to know it!
  15. Chandler, what ACF RA unit it you from mate?