Army Cadet Rifle Drill Display Video

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Birddog, Dec 9, 2006.

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  1. Hi All,

    I am probably going to regret posting this but here goes anyway.

    I read an awlful lot of comments about the ACF on ARRSE and how rubbish we are, scruffy and full of Walts.

    This upsets me, as a Detachment Commander I know just how much effort people put into the ACF often uncredited.

    I just wanted to show everyone that actually there are very smart Cadets, Units and Adults. Also that despite their snipes I doubt anyone wants to do our job.

    I enclose a short video link to a Rifle Drill Display we did infront of our Officers Mess function at Worthy Down. The Cadets are all 2 Star Training or above and come from Southampton, badged RA.

    Hopefully this will help show that like everything else you get good and bad ACF Units but that the majority are hardworking and dedicated.

    Also please check out Hampshire and IOW ACF's Website;

    Oh and before anyone else points it out, I know you should not do drill on grass, and the reason only half are wearing ACF Stable Belts is I only allow NCOs to wear them.

    I dedicate this to all those members of the ACF doing a hard job under difficult circumstances.

    Happy viewing.

  2. Who sized them off, Stevie Wonder? :wink:
  3. Very Impressed, you must have spent a couple of months practicing this on top the ACF syllabus, good turnout, also the first time I have seen white gloves in jumper, lightweight order.
  4. Well Done. very impressive and they must have been very nervous in front of their audience. They done good :)
  5. Well impressed, best bunch of rowdy rebels ive seen in a long time.
  6. As an ex Artillery cadet and winner of the Merseyside ACF drill competition 1979 (wow) I have to say that was very impressive.
    BUT as an ex Household Cavalryman whose standards were dragged kicking and screaming to the high level they are now I have to say............
    actually........ Well done. After all they are only cadets.
    Maybe some more Military tunes next time though
  7. I couldn't watch it after the Thunderbirds theme started but it was very good up till then. I remember as a cadet being forced to march round town to the town band playing (amongst other things) the theme to "the A team". Really used to make us cringe.

    Good effort.
  8. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    They were great, well done them and their instructor :D
  9. Good effort, I'm looking at introducing rifle drill to my seniors as they have done most of the APC syllabus to death, although I myself don't have any formal training in it. Can I realistically teach myself from the manual and then teach my troops, or would I be best looking for someone in my coy who can assist.
  10. Good effort. Couple of days of sweat, fear and 'attention to detail' with a regular drill-bloke or two and they'd be as good as anyone.
  11. The manual won't emphasise the bend and drive it's best to get someone to beast you through it. a very good cardio-vascular exercise too :D
  12. I am very impressed .My unit has a major parade in March (freedom of the city etc etc) we have been practising our foot and rifle drill all last week and to be honest your cadets would put us to shame.I tell you what we will kit you out in our blues your cadets do the parade and we will meet you for coke and crisps in the nearest beer garden.Tell your cadets that there is a serving regular soldier,that thinks they are the ''mutts nuts'' .Ok I am Cav but still..
  13. That gives me an idea for a money spinner drill parade ringers
    Got a parade!
    Got no drill skill
    just call rent a squad we will do your parades in your kit and no one will ever know.
    terms and conditions.
    Dopplegangers work for crisps and pop
    some replacements may contain lumpy jumpers but no nuts all replacements come at 1/3 the normal height all parades must take place before 1700hrs as their mums want them home for tea. E&OE :D
  14. No, you can't learn it from a manual. You need to be properly taught it - only then will you be competent to pass it on.

    The Drill Course is open to ACF AIs, book yourself on it, then you will be able to teach properly.
  15. Which one of you lot is an ex-Household div bloke then :p!

    Well done to all concerned, a fine example for the ACF.