Army cadet injured in training accident sues MoD for £20,000

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Hat20, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. The bit about wanting £62.99 for the cost of the jacket the medics cut off her makes you wonder.....
    If found guilty will the MOD then go for the Instructors who in turn will not do such exercises with cadets due to 'risks' and end up down the road so many schools are in that no field trips take place because of the risk of being sued at the slightest unforseeable mishap/accident that happens?

    'AN ARMY cadet who claims she was left scarred for life by an accident during training is seeking £20,000 compensation from the Ministry of Defence.

    Claire Huntington, 22, says she was hurt when a rock broke free during a climbing exercise and struck her on the face. She says she instinctively looked up when a warning was shouted from above and was struck by a rock which had fallen 30ft.

    She has been given the go-ahead to pursue her case and it is expected to be heard later this year at Perth Sheriff Court.

    Miss Huntington, from Shetland, claims the accident should have been foreseeable by military chiefs and that, ultimately, the MoD was responsible. She says her superiors should have checked the rock face for loose stones and should have moved waiting cadets away from the foot of the climb.

    She has lodged a claim for £20,000 damages against the Advocate General, representing the MoD, at the court.

    The accident happened on 6 April,2003, at Craig a Barnes, near Blair Atholl, Perthshire.
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  2. My bold: As long as she was briefed the correct actions on for someone shouting "Below!" then this is her own stupid fault and no compensation should be given.

    Alas in this day and age it isn't so clean cut!
  3. Creatures like this hang around just hoping their boat comes in even as the result of an innocent accident like this. I am sure if it hadnt have been been this, it would have been some other incident probably involing her lesbian antics and some wishy washy discrimination lawsuit.
    She was 22 and I assume an adult instructor so should have known not to stand around at the bottom of the climbing face.
    I hope the MOD win this one.
  4. This really annoys me! So 4, nearly 5 years after the incident she decides that she is 'scarred for life'. As you say, there is a reason why kids cannot do certain activities in this country and it is all too often blamed on H&S, quite incorrectly. The reason schools and cadet forces avoid these activities is because of the fear of these actions and the adverse publicity.
    There is nothing we can do about it, this is here to stay and we will be a poorer society for it.
    When I were a lad, in the 80's, I was in the cadets. Some of the things we did would be un-thinkable today!
  5. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    It's on the BBC News as well. I'd agree with the MoD

    A bit of common sense would have gone a long way to preventing it happening.
  6. I reiterate on your point B_C. I have never been to an climbing event which has not included a lengthy breif on health and safety, emphasizing on "Do not stand at the base if not required" and "When you hear "Below" or similar, do not look up."

    Whilst feeling bad that someone was injured, if the lady in question was breifed properly (I hope there are some witnesses and perhaps paperwork to that effect) then it is unfortunatly her own stupid fault. It is another example of the compensation culture we love so much.

  7. Get a life Ms Huntington.
  8. Here we go again. This is just another example of society gone mad in allowing this to even reach court. Having worked with cadets in the past, I know just how hard it is for any activity to be able to take place. Ok, so maybe planning a weekend exercise on the back of a cigarette packet is no longer acceptable. Seriously, all this does is make instructors think twice about running activities. In the long run, it is the decent cadets who will suffer.
  9. Claiming £62.99 for a jacket that was cut off her 4 or 5 years ago.

    I snagged my parker on the untrimmed hedges of a neighbour 17 years ago and ripped the sleeve. Hmmmmm, I wonder.

    Old Mrs Smith from number 42 is about to receive a letter from my solicitor.

    I *sniff* can't *sniff* sleep *whimper* as a result of my *sniff* ripped parker.

    Get a grip woman, you were hit in the head by a stone during a training ACCIDENT.
  10. Cant speak from experience as im not in yet, got the BARB test etc on the 25th.
    But i thought the point of going rock climbing instead of just climbing an indoor wall at a leisure centre was to deal with real dangers such as this, what did she expect.
    She calls it scarred for life but id say its probably a lesson well learned. If shes there again she'll keep her wits about her.
  11. The four or five years ago thing is a bit of a red herring. Generally speaking compensation claims for permanent injury et cetera are reserved until sufficient time has elapsed for a sound medical prognosis to have formed. My wife had to wait three-four years before her insurers took the case forward, just to make sure that she really had lost two discs from her back and that her Alfa wasn't going to grow a new front end...
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  12. Provided those in charge were working within the scope of their qualifications and the cadet safety 'little red book' this case will probably fail as by doing so, her instructors will have taken the necessary steps to cover their actions required in law, i.e. those actions of a resonable parent.

    Bear in mind, the girl in question has 3 years in which to start procedings and matters only get into court when parties can't reach an out of court settlement.

    Please also bear in mind that whilst this girl has suffered facial injuries, she won't be the only bint in Shetland to have look as though she's fallen out of the ugly tree and hit branches on the way down!
  13. What I can't get my brain round is the bit where she claims that instructors should have checked the rock for loose stones. As if they have the time or need to go up and comb the rock face of all little pebbles and twigs in the way, how unrealistic can you get?
    Another example of how someone these days signs up for something hard or adventurous , but then wants it on a plate with the difficult bits sanitized out.

    It sounds like they had briefed someone if the shouts of 'Below' is anything to go by. So if she hears 'Below' what is she doing looking up?

    I know, some actions on warnings:

    'Take cover'...................Stand up, don't move from spot, shade eyes with hand, and squint into distance.

    'Behind you'....................Pause, look quizzically at person shouting warning, and cup hand round ear saying 'Eh?'

    'Silence'........................Immediately shout back, 'What was that?' as loudly as possible.

    'Head down'...................Immediately stretch neck like a gopher, craning around to see why.

    And so on.

    6 cm scar? My that is big.
  14. That happens to every woman on a daily basis FFS.
  15. Why don't these cnuts grow a set of swingers (even the chicks :twisted: ) and stop the: 'what are my rights?' and replace with 'what are my responisbilities?'.

    There is a word in the English language called 'accident'; it CAN mean that no-one is to blame. Get over it and move on sweetheart, life's hard sometimes.