Army Cadet Force Detachment in Cyprus

Discussion in 'ACF' started by coolbreeze, Nov 1, 2008.

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  1. I and many before me have tried and failed to raise an overseas detachment for the ACF in Cyprus.

    At present there are many service children that have nothing to do here, and if they were in the ACF before, they miss out when the parents are posted as they have to leave the ACF.

    I have been to the top on this one and I was informed that there is no funding, but hey the Primeminster has been quoted as bringing the cadets forces into focus and that many schools will be encouraged to raise cadet units.

    Yes you could argue that what about the staffing how would they get back for courses, well let me just state that at present the Air Training Corps have detachments / Flights in Germany Cyprus and Gibralter so clearly funding is not the issue.

    I conducted a poll here in Cyprus and found in Episkopi alone there are ex cadets and new recruits that want an ACF here in Cyprus, and if a figure is needed then try 50 and that includes the normal drop offs that happen when you do recruitment.

    I have teachers in Episkopi and Dehkelia that want to become instructors and the schools wish to help. There is also infrastructue and equipment for training, and service staff are willing to help to, I have even brought the JSP535 to the island. So come on ACF get with the program and give the kids what they want for a change. Please bring on your questions and doubts and I will awnser them.
  2. Sounds like you have put some detailed thought into this and also sounds like a good idea on many levels. 8) :thumright:

    Not sure how these things work, but has not the ACFA got their AGM soon and this could be a good topic to raise? :?

    Also another benefit would be the exchange/visit possibilities for ACF in UK

    It gets my vote :salut:
  3. Thanks for your reply.

    I agree and the way I see it the AI's can be attached on paper to any County that have the sense to take it on, The cadets can also be administered locally as in any normal detachment and the cadets / adults data such as courses and APC training records can flow through the county.

    It should allow new recruits and to retain current ACF cadets in the system, the cadets would more than likely come from the resident btns.

    I have been intouch with LAND Cadets, and although they have given me their moral support they stopped short of direct help and assistance which left me the only person on the island battling to get this project off the ground.

    I am here now for only another 18 months and if this project does not take off soon I cannot bring my experience and knowledge, to help the new detachment commander in raising new detachments and the admin that relates to the running of the detachment.

    You would think that the possibilty of a county getting access to exchange visits and camps on this island would create a bun fight.

    If anyone out there has anyone in the know or well placed please offer any help you can.
  4. I like the idea and same for Gibraltar, both are uniquely British, Epsikopi and Dekhelia are sovereign British territories in the same way Isle of Wight is as British, I don't see why not, If given the time off and funding I would happily set off and assist.

    The reason ATC do well is that it is controlled directly and funded by the RAF so it easier for them to do so, perhaps a word in Gordon Browns ear with that regard and the polictical kudos that goes with it. (if he is into that sort of thing) IIRC residents in SBA are registered voters :D

    Perhaps a word with the Colonel of the resident Regiment or Director of the SBA would help, important thing is to get it in WRITING as commands do get changed then you could find your self kicked out of a hut which was previously provided on personal approval, if you can get it written into a legally binding contract for as long as we retain the SBA, like the RFCA in TACs in the UK had to provide 2/3 rooms for the ACF which belong to the estates of the ACF and cannot be given up.
  5. As an alternative, could a school sponsor a CCF Det? It might be a way around the beaurocracy of it all.
  6. mate cracking idea,
    Alternativley ask a sector/county to adopt the detachment I can think of an ACF commandant who would probably help,to be honest the set up funding of a detachment is very minimal as has been indicated as of late when dets are springing up in various schools in the mainland ,all that is required is the real estate to train them on as semper has said.
    Try getting some senior bods in the SBA on side by sending some letters and they can then approach the relevant County /Sector on your behalf with the agreement of property to be donated etc.
    As a hint Army cadets from middlesex and nw london sector visited 2RRF last year which was a resounding sucess.

    good luck and if you need any help give me a shout
  7. Black Rat scaley back what do you think ?
    this may be something Vader is well up for ?
  8. Coolbreeze. I echo what Static Line Pimp says. We are in the same county and think this is a cracking idea. I understand he has PM'd you. If there is anything i can do, within my limited power, to help, please feel free to contact me.
  9. Absoloutely old chap. I think this is right up his street. I'll let you run with it and we can let coolbreeze know the fruits of your research.
  10. hi there

    i personally am not in a position to help you but do have some information that may help you, there is 2 other islands that are actually in a similiar position to yourself that do have acf units, granted not as distant, but there are 2 Independent batteries on both the orkney islands and the shetland islands, as far as im aware neither is funded by acfa and as such they have great pride in remining everyone anytime they can they are "independent" now they are attached to one of the two highlanders battalions, i dont have any contact info for them but if you managed to contact these independent units they may be able to offer you some advice in setting up a unit in cyprus
  11. Thanks to all of you for your support in this, I have a meeting arranged on Wednesday to put my case foward and lets hope that all my prep will pay off.

    It was good to meet one of you this week (You knowwho you are) and it was good to see so much enthusiasm for this project.

    I will let you all know how the meeting went.
  12. Keep us up to speed Coolbreeze. I am curious as to how you will get on mate.
  13. I have hit a bump in the road. The Col I was scheduled to meet to dicuss the creation of an ACF detachment had to cancel due to "A busy timetable". There was no reschedule of the meeting but instead I was offered the number of the civilian youth officer on island, the youth officer wants evidence of the requirement for a detachment.

    I have stepped up on this and arranged a meeting on Wednesday 26th at the community centre on camp, I have placed the advert for the meeting in the Cyprus lion and also posted notices around dodge, and in Akrotiri. The pupils at St Johns who want this to happen have been spreading the word around the school.

    Adapt and Overcome.

    I will keep you all informed on the progress.
  14. Coolbreeze, have you sent a letter to the new CBF?

    If he won't back you over here then I fear you may be p1ssing in the wind.

    If you need any help from the ESBA give me a shout. I have only 3 months left on the Island so if you need help PM me quick!
  15. Will you be calling it "Nonces Sans Frontiers"?