Army cadet confusion

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by polar69, May 24, 2005.

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  1. I try not to post in here to often :p

    But , my sprog has been in the army cadets a couple of months , took his recruits tests and passed and therefore was badged ( took best recruit shield too )

    Does this mean he is a one star cadet now ?

    Next question. He has returned with a 22 rifle badge and red rifle for his brassard , now I know for a fact he is NOT a marksman yet so I assume that these are safety quals or something , where on the brassard do they go

    I would ask him myself but i was on nights last night you see

    any pictures etc greatfully rx'd
  2. Congratulations to your son.
    He is I beleive now classed as a half star. The one star grade will take appoximately nine to twelve months to achieve assuming that your det is on the ball. It could take less, but the APC syllabus is very clear about what has to be achieved. Having completed the programme, it will be published on part one orders by your CEO, and he should be presented his badge at a camp by OC or higher. After all he will have worked hard for it and deserves recognition. There are different levels of marksmanship and the badge you refer to goes at the bottom of the brassard as far as I am aware. Have a chat with your det commander and take a peek at the APC syllabus. If and when your son reaches four star and undertakes JCIC and SCIC you will have good reason to be proud of him as you clearly are now. Well Done. Get him on the D of E scheme and later on the B Tec, that's worth the equivilent of four GCSE's.

    Best wishes.
  3. That's pretty much correct. To be exact, now he's completed his recruit training, he'll now begin his one star training. The half star is awared when the cadet passes five out of the nine 1* subjects.

    A red rifle on it's own is classed as a 2nd Class shot on the full bore rifle. With a pip it's a 1st class shot and a crown is classed as a marksman. Shooting badges in the ACF are actually very difficult to achieve (mostly down to the lack of markmanship principles being taught by the instructors), so you should be very proud of your son for getting the 2nd class so quickly!
  4. with regards to the position on the brassard, i found it was mainly up to personal preference from what i saw of other peoples' brassards

    but the best thing to do is plan for the future, i.e. dont stitch them on to where his stripes (if he gets them) will go

    about an inch in from one of the lower corners is where i put my marksmanship badges
  5. There are badges for .22 and 5.56. Normally the 5.56 takes preference over the .22 (some put both on). So if you have 2nd class in 5.56 and marksman with the .22, then it's the 2nd class that you put on. Normal place is bottom right of brassard. Put it about half an inch from each edge, as it sounds as if he'll have a lot more to fit on in the future!

    On a personal note, I had to re-sew my brassard every 6months, as i had to re-arrange everything to fit them all on (CSgt is the worst!)
  6. yeh the sewing was a bitch, esp when you have to get a second brassard! :p