Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Outstanding, May 11, 2007.

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  1. If you are an Army scholar can you get a Bursary as a Medical student from Day One?
    If so how much is it worth?
  2. No.
    You can apply for the Medical Cadetship for your final three years of University.
  3. Is that right Mack, I have been told that there is a Bursary board in Sep and I hope to study medecine too!
  4. Err... Someone much more in the know needs to answer this I now realise.

    The Bursary, as far as I know, is awarded to students going on a three or four year course.

    The Medical Cadetships starts in your third year.
  5. Thats what I thought too Macks, but was just checking (in Case!!)
  6. unless you've got a medical cadetship of the pharmaceutical type, then in starts in 2nd year.
  7. We have a couple of guys in my unit (OTC) on bursaries who are in their first two years studying medicine - but they are basically general army bursaries and they just happen to be studying medicine. I think in both cases they are ex army 6th form scholars.

    When they have done their first two years of a medicine course then they can apply for a specific RAMC cadetship.

    If you have any more questions dont get unoficial gen off here phone up the RAMC recruiting staff - they have a good web site and are really helpful.
  8. Perhaps learning to spell it first would be a good start?

    Like it has been said, first 2 years is the normal Army bursary that anyone can get. Much smaller than the 'real' Medical Cadetship, which starts 3 years from graduation.
  9. link?
  10. Sorry, being lazy, just found this:

    The Army Undergraduate Bursary
    An Army Undergraduate Bursary is awarded to approximately 250 candidates each year. It comprises an annual payment of £1000 while at university and a lump sum of £3000 on commissioning from Sandhurst, after which you are committed to a minimum three years return of service. However, it does also apply to undergraduates who have longer-term aspirations as well.

    No mention of any restriction on Medical students!
  11. i've got a 6th form scholarship , now uni bursary, and as far as i'm aware medical students are eligible for an extended bursary. best to speak to your liason officer otherwise you'll just get rumours.
  12. From RAMC recruiting web site

    RAMC Recruiting
    Former Army Staff College
    Slim Road
    GU15 4NP

    Tel: 01276-412745 / 412744 / 412730

    If you are going to make it as a doctor maybe you could work out how to use a search engine. It took me one search.

    As suggested above the best thing to do for official advice is to phone up the RAMC recruiters who will be able to give you the official information - this is after all a "rumour" site.
  13. Thanks great stuff.
  14. After two years of medicine or, more correctly for your final three years (an intercalated degree can pad out a medical course to six years) you can apply for a Medical Cadetship. For this you have to sit a board at the old army staff college in RMAS and a medical, currently. In the near future all prospective Medical Cadets will have to sit the AOSB. If successful you are commissioned as a 2Lt (provisional) and are paid a salary. There is no training obligation for the final three years but there is a minimum return of service, this will vary according to when you commission.

    This variation is due to the complete fcuk up Patricia Hewitt is making of medical education and the NHS in general. Personally I would now not touch training as a Doctor with a fcuking barge pole, in ten years time it's going to be shite job with shite job security and shite job flexibility. In the RAMC I think it could be slightly better, but that's a personal opinion.

  15. I understand from one of my chaps who is on it that the last RAMC Interview Board is running in June. After that all RAMC officer candidates go to AOSB and do a RAMC version of the Main Board.

    The AOSB web site has details of the normal Main Boards and of the separate special boards currently run for TA, QARANC, cadet officers etc.

    Presumably the new AOSB (RAMC) board will be pretty much the same as the AOSB (QA) board which is now running.

    I am sure if you are planning to go for it that the RAMC recruiters will be able to provide the full details.