Army Bursar - What is an Admin Officer

Hey guys,
Was wondering if anyone had any information that they could help me with. I am a 2nd year Army Bursar at University. I gained the 6th form scholarship so I then qualified for the University Bursary. I joined the OTC but in my second week I dislocated my collar bone so couldn't train on weekends although I remained committed to the weekday training nights.

I have been told I have a meeting with my CO about the possibility of becoming an Admin Bursar or staying as a training bursar. Any ideas on what an Admin Bursar is? OR what the difference is between a training Bursar and Admin

I am training full time now with OTC and passed MOD1 and doing MOD2 now. So there is no question of fitness or commitment. Any help would be much appreciated!

Found out the difference finally after being on Ex. this weekend.

Admin Bursar - University Bursar who does not attend OTC but has to sign off with the CO every year to keep his/her Bursary.
Training Bursar - A potential officer who trains with the OTC regularly and still receives bursary payment.
Why would the Army want to pay someone who can't even be bothered to turn up for OTC which, let's face it, is not exactly demanding anyway.
Most of the guys I know who did Medicine at Uni who had a Bursary were Admin Bursars due to the commitment needed for their course. They turned up as much as they could, but meant that if they were on out-firms that they didn't have to trek back for parade.

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