Army Burgen Side Pouches / Daysacks ... PLEASE HELP !


I am new here so bear with me .... my partner, who isn't in the military, but very enthusiastic about it all has just bought a PLCE Burgen Rucksack from Silvermans .... when it was delivered he was over the moon. Only problem is , we can't really work out the yoke onto daysack thing ... could anyone please explain how the yoke attaches onto the side pouches to make it into a daysack.

It was all the straps and clips that puzzled us .... we think we have managed it ... just want to make sure !

Thanks alot

Jen !
We all use Superglue, to stop them falling off.
find somebody military and offer them a challenge for five pounds.
Tell them that your record for assembling webbing is something like 15 minutes and challenge them to beat your time. Hey presto...webbing assembled.
I cant remember worth a dime, although as long as it doesnt wobble and stays in place what are you worrying about? If he isnt in the mil then there are proper daysacks that are a hell of a lot better than a rocket pouch, but thats your call.

PS. as well as using superglue a bit of leccy tape round the coiled ends of the spare straps is a godsend.

I'll try and explain as best I can.

1. Zip the two pouches together. Now you should have 4 buckles at the top of the sacks, and 6 at the bottom.
2. Get the yoke, clip the 4 buckles on the top of the yoke to the 4 buckles at the top of the sacks.
3. Clip the bottom 2 clips of the yoke onto the inside 2 clips at the bottom of the sacks.
4. Clip the two shoulder strap buckles into the 2 outer buckles at the bottom of the sacks.

And hey presto they should be fine.

Kind regards,


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