Army Brigade just lying there on the shelf ready to go - POD


My favourite quote:

"Chief of General Staff Sir Mike Jackson told the BBC's HARDtalk programme: "I suspect we could put a brigade together very quickly indeed." He added that would mean 5,000 troops."

Overstretch ? A figment of your imagination gents. Or is there a large box of soldiers somewhere we've all forgotten about ?
What crape are they going to spout just to make their pension! :evil:

Fick sakes, the pension they are on is ridiculous as it is. Come on gents, where is your spine?

If Sudan is go, there goes my summer break! Well at least it will be warm :roll:
dui-lai said:
What crape are they going to spout just to make their pension! :evil:

Fick sakes, the pension they are on is ridiculous as it is. Come on gents, where is your spine?

If Sudan is go, there goes my summer break! Well at least it will be warm :roll:

Or extremly hot dude, given the sabre rattling coming from Khartoum today. 'If Brits put troop into Dharfour we'll pull our army out and let them get on with it !'

Best of luck, seriously, and BTW do you guys still get bars for your GSM's (30 days on ops gong ??) If you'se do you must have ribbons down to your
bollox by now :wink:

Ubique ya bass !!!
well can get hold of a dozen 12 yr olds with bows and arrows
theres a bunch of airsoft fools in worthing (you laugh but they probably have more gucci gear than you do)
the vietnam renactment society in essex and the Norfolk ss unit (the africa korp rides again they'd love it though tony may balk because of the pc brigade :roll: )
thats got to be a couple of companys worth.
probably more than a match for the sudanese army :cry: didn't we in the good old days slaughter loads of them for no loss :D
Well Jackson really has been at the Gin again, but seriously he has lost any respect that I ever had for him and I suspect the respect of a fair few others as well. I dont think he needs to worry about TCH calling on him to resign, but I think he should resign if he has any integrity left, possibly take Walker and Irwin with him.

Recipe for Disaster:

Take 1 bucket of instant soldier powder, add water, and hey presto 1 Brigade. Send to any Flea Bitten hole and wait for imminent disaster.

Good intelligence, personal or provided by the Scarlett security services Ltd not required.

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Hmm does anyone remember the last time we went to Sudan in strength??

Any suggestions who should play the part of General Gordon?? :twisted:

And where will be get the relief force from??
This is what he meant by Understretch

Probably works fine on paper, scrape together a 5k force, establish an airhead and supply chain but sooner or later that 5k force will need backfilling. They cannot stay there indefinatly. I dont see how Sudan will be a quick 3 monther then all back for tea and medals.

More POTL lost as the Op musical chairs continues.
Disco said:
This is what he meant by Understretch

O yes you can just picture the scene now….... TCH sitting in his large subsidised pad in Islington, picks up the Guardian to check that they are advertising for enough five-a-day outreach gay save-the-whale consultants, takes a sip of his large skinny caramel moccachino. “Hey when I told POD to cut 4 Battalions and mothball all those green things with tracks he squealed like a stuck pig and shouted something about overstretch, whatever that is, and I see here he has found another 5000 men from somewhere to go and give one to the fuzzie wuzzies”.
Picks up the phone “General could you just pop by to discuss those figures again?”
Pod's turned out to be a huge disappointment. He was one guy I always thought would stand up for his men and what was right. Ironside wrote in another thread that he's "sold the jerseys". How right that seems to be. It's a long way from the the Prince of Darkness who told Wes Clark to fcuk off when ordered to break through the Russian picket line at Pristina airport in '99!

I'd like to see him commit a brigade to Sudan(although where he'd find all the support elements, especially medics, is an interesting point)and then find things going ti*s up in Iraq as the elections approach and commanders on the rgound start screaming for reinforcements.
If we get our arses in gear, we send round a couple of Bedfords to do a round robin of all the sex shops within the UK to buy up as many blow up dolls as possible. Get them into green kit with a few bike pumps and compressors and hey presto! One C-17 trip to the arse end of nowhere, drop the rear ramp, get out and pump like fcuk and you have a rapid reaction Bde. Whilst thats going on, all our SIB IT geeks could be ordering bike repair kits and spare blow up dolls over the internet and with free 7-days delivery to anywhere on the globe, DHL or Parcel Post could deploy the follow on force.

And the beauty of it all is that you can fcuk them as much as you like and they don't make a murmur.... but you have to tip em arse over tit to empty them out. Again, no worries there either since every time we go on an Op these days we all get a dose of the shits... this way, it just doesn't smell so bad. And if that looks like it could be a problem, deploy Marc Almond and he'll take care of it. Might give him indigestion though, all that cream at one go... :oops:

Easy when you have a 'Can do' attitude! :D
that will teach us all not to comment publicly about the cutbacks etc :?
He's obviously in league with the Billy Liar Party. What he intends to do is mobilise the TA so they all get sacked and their jobs can be given to the unemployed. That way 5000 people are out of the working place still earning enough to be taxed, and 5000 are off the dole earning enough to be taxed! MPs then get a raise in pay & allowances and yer man gets employed in the other house earning a mint!
Its Sad day when you think the same of TCH as you do the general he threatened with his pension and early retirement to tow the party line.

Of course it was bound to happen, but POD looks a mean git and thought he might have put up a fight before bending over and taking it right up the tea towel holder

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