Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by nottinghamgirl, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. My son has joined the army cadets, and now is the time that he needs to fill in the paperwork and sign up properly.
    My ex-hubby, being the mean 'person' that he is, told my son he would pay the registration/uniform fee (£10) if I buy the boots! Not daft is he?!!

    Having said that, I dont mind TOO much, as I know he would buy the cheapest possible, and I will buy the best that I can afford, for my son.

    I would like to ask for some advice, if I may? Is there any preference for any particular brand/style of boot? What is the best, and what is the best value for money?

    Thanks in advance. Oh, and where is the best place to buy? My son's asked but he can never remember the answer, when I ask him, and my ex takes him there, so I dont get to ask the staff.
  2. I am a cadet and i wear lowas. They are really good on exercise and look smart as well. I have seen a lot of the staff and regulars and TA guys wearing them as well
  3. What size is your son. I've got a few pairs of unused issue boots that he can have if they fit.
  4. :D wow, that's generous, thank you! I will find out and get back to you, thanks again
  5. He's a cadet, don't buy "military boots" , he won't be doing life or death tabs through sleet snow and hail. something like these, lightweight and comfortable, The ACF is a civilian childrens organisation not the SAS.
  6. If I were you I'd get hold of some surplus issue boots. Your son is presumably still growing, so spending 120 quid or so on a pair of boots he's going to wear once a week for a few months before outgrowing them seems a bit of a waste.

    If he gets on well and enjoys the cadets, you can consider getting him some gucci boots when he's stopped growing.

    Just my thoughts, it's your son and your money.

  7. Watch it with Iowas for Cadets, remember he is going to out grow them pretty soon - they'll be ruined after a couple of runs of an assault course, and once they get wet inside they stay wet.

    The standard issue combat boots are just fine, and they polish up mighty fine and you'll get them for £30ish surplus.
  8. Mine seem to be ok and ive done lots of assault courses
  9. And i wore them on my DofE with no problems!
  10. The issue boots are cheap and actually quite good you can get an adults pair for around £25-30 so his will be cheaper and last a long time. Don't spend too much because who is to say he wont enjoy it or get bored in a few months
  11. I would be suspicious of Magnum boots, Iv'e had three pairs fail on me in quick sucsession. the first pair had leather that quickly bubbled and its outer (shiny) layer peeled off, the second pair's zip broke after I wore them to collage for a few days (to break them in) and the third pair had the same problem on top of scaffel pike, in the snow :(

    I think their design is more for urban use by police and simmilar, rather than field use, as they let the water in something awful.
  12. My issue boot lasted 3 years as an infantry stab and a couple of years on the building sites :D nothing wrong with them and cheap
  13. Issue boots.

    They may not be fancy, but they work and are reasonably priced in surplus shops.

    If you care for your son's feet, don't buy second hand. It may seem tough breaking them in, but at least they'll be broken in to HIS feet, not somebody else's.

    Encourage bulling. Once you get it as a routine, it's relaxing. It impresses AIs. It impresses other cadets. AND, when your son outgrows them, there'll be some lazy so-and-so who'll be daft enough to pay over the odds for them. Don't worry about scuffing them - once bulled, they can be brought back to a good standard fairly quickly.
  14. No disrespect here, but, you've done nothing, feck all in a military sense.

    I will admire any youngster who takes up the challenge of ACF or DofE, they are both admirable schemes. They do not give you an insight to living in a ditch for a week though.