Army booklet "Doing Alright"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Litotes, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. In the line of work, I dropped in on an RAF base yesterday and whilst perusing the publications on the desk, found that someone had slipped in some potential recruiting material for the Army.

    The glossy booklet was published by DM(A) in Nov 06 but I hadn't seen or heard of it! Anyway, it claims to show how Sam Hopes aged 22 is better off in the Army than in civvie street.

    I searched for the document on the website, and found:

    Doing Alright!

    If you can't find the hyperlink to the entrance, it is to the lower right of the photograph!

    My comments are:

    :arrow: I think the title requires a punctuation mark; probably an exclamation mark but a question mark would have been acceptable.
    :arrow: "They're having a laugh"!
    :arrow: I am not sure what the Crabs thought of this material! Will they be queuing up at the door?


  2. That link reminds me of the 'Starship trooper' ads

    'Want to know more?'

    Something slightly sinister about it all.
  3. Seconded! nothing that you can put your finger on, just slightly... "would you like to know more" about the whole thing...

    "Moble Infantry, Hoo-rah!"

  4. They could have picked some more attractive people!!!

    Probaby the most stupid thing i have seen in a while

    ''I went skiing for 7 days in a week!''

    Really as opposed to the 4 day week the rest of us use!