Army blows up Anthea Turner

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by crabtastic, Oct 26, 2005.

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  1. Probably been posted time and again, but I'd forgotten all about it and seeing it again made me laugh, so I thought I'd share.

    Blue Peter

    Royal Sigs, right?
  2. Very good. Should have a highly inflammable label on her perm.
  3. Classic!!

    It's the way she is happily swinging her legs without a care in the world beforehand then whooooooosh! Peroxide perm on fire and imminent danger of her polyester jacket going up in flames too! :lol: :lol:
  4. looked more like RA to me
  5. Agreed, it's one of those little yappy 2 stroke things - sigs tend to use big 4 stroke - triumph tigers I think - I'm sure one of the white helmets will let us know.
  6. Could be the RA's 'Flying Gunners' but I have a sneaking suspicion that the RAF might be in the frame. It looks like it was filmed at the now defunct Royal Tournament, and a fairly regular feature of that was the torturous 'Strike Command' vs 'Support Command' motor sports events, often involving yappy bikes and seesaws and that type of thing.

    The Royal Corps do indeed use Triumphs, when the last lot were life expired they looked around for a suitable contemporary model. When they were unable to find one the display team built a batch of competely new Triumphs from scratch using spares.
  7. Flying gunners for sure I remember it being on the telly !
  8. Movie title: "Anthea.mpeg"
    Location: Local
    Gore?: No
    Description: This clip shows a tv-reporter reporter called Anthea Turner sitting on the edge of a truck platform which is covered.
    In this brief Spot she says:
    (Loud construction type of sounds are heard in the background) "AND IF YOU WAN´T SOMETHING TO HAPPEN TO YOU"BANG!!! A Bomb explodes Near (behind???) Anthea as a Motocross flyes thru the cover... Grey smoke fills the screen for 2-3 frames and then we see her body fall to the ground with a loud "THUMP" as a mark of the end of her landing...
    WHATTEHELLHAPPENED!?!?!? Anyone??? I would like to have some background on this...

    Well, it seems that there´s a "The Totally Unofficial Anthea Turner Homepage" somewhere on the net (there´s just TOO MUCH serverspace dontyathink? :)) where the casual surfer can find the "Andrea Turner and the Motorcycle" FAQ.
    I got this mail from "Robert Fox"

    The clip dates back to 1990 and has been taken from an internal BBC training video issued to presenters to make them aware of the perils of the job. It was originally recorded from a live item broadcast during one of the Saturday Morning Kids' programmes on BBC1 (I think it may have been "Going Live"). Anthea was to compere the coverage of the Royal Tournament, and a piece-to-camera had been arranged where she would do a competition link, and at the end there would be a spectacular explosion and a motorcycle would drive out of the back of the lorry parked behind her. The rear of the lorry had been hung with a nitrated (semi-explosive) cloth to hide the motorbike (and Anthea from the rider's view). The cloth would be destroyed by a theatrical thunderflash (a powerful firework used by the Army to simulate grenade explosions in training) which would be detonated by the rider on cue. The director told Anthea to sit on the tailgate of the lorry to do the piece, and of course when the rider fired off the thunderflash, the blast from it and the nitrated cloth set Anthea's hair and mike alight. Fortunately she had the presence of mind to drop off the tailgate, or the bike would have hit her as well. She sustained second degree burns and temporary loss of hearing, but sucessfully sued the BBC and the director of the piece. As a result, the BBC put safety measures in place which included the video the clip comes from.
  9. its not as funny now we no wot its all about :-s. ah well, still a good chuckle. before reading that, when watching it, it looked like the mic exploded or something, because her hair catches light after.
  10. Strange, it's not at all like the Gunners to get over-enthusiastic about explosives... :wink:
  11. Welcome, Jimmeh!

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  12. Why thankyou for your welcome. Unfortunately my shift key was in for repairs whenn i wrote that, but its back from the shop now. Its fine! Oh and yes, thats an ATC badge in my AV. Take the pish if you want. But i am fiercly proud of my sqn, and i dont care what your opinion is of the ATC. Have you ever been in the ATC? Nah, i bet you were ACF?
  13. No, just the regular army for the past 19 years.

    So feel free to fcuk right off you little turd burgling, civvie, nosher.
  14. Cpljimme

    how the hell in gods good name can you register and post on this site, knowing who uses it, and post remarks questioning someones authority, based on whether they wasted their time as a kid by joining the atc.

    stop being a cadet walt and join up, atleast then, you'll be able to put some punch (sic) behind your idle posts
  15. You misinterpret me. I am joining up for a start. Also i am not questioning somebodys authority at all. I came here just to take part in discussion about matters related to HM Armed Forces. And what do you mean by " post on this site, knowing who uses it"?