Army bellringers pay tribute to Wootton Bassett

If anyone is interested, the Army Guild of Bellringers will be ringing a quarter peal this Saturday as a thank-you to the people of Wootton Bassett. It is the local ringers in the town who have tolled the tenor bell for the repatriations and they have been just as much responsible for the processions as anyone else. If anyone wishes to listen the quarter will start around 10am and will last for approximately 45mins.

Army Guild of Bellringers
Good for them, if possible could it be recorded and put out as an audio file either on arrse or the Guild web site? For those of us stuck in on the other side of the globe
The quarter peal was successfully rung yesterday morning. 1260 Grandsire in 50 minutes. Well done to all who took part and once again, thank-you to the good people of Wootton Bassett.
Congratulations to all.

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