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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by cornishwanderer, Aug 9, 2009.

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  1. Have not seen or or heard much about them, when i join up i wouldn't mind playing. Are they good? Is it the same set out as rugby, i.e regement vs regiment? Any info would be handy.
  2. The Harlem Highlanders V The RAF Jets....Its an annual event.
  3. there are army teams at both full level and U23s. the standard is good and some of the players are combined services too. i believe (might be out of date) that they have good links with the Thames Valley Tigers.

    every year the Inter-Corps championships are held around oct / nov time. always a good week.

    in addition to that, there are divisional championships etc you can enter with your unit team. and there are always wednesday afternoons; if you're keen and nobody runs it already, you can set up training.

    many of us play(ed) on local league teams and summer league teams too. when you get to your unit, just find your nearest civvy team and pop along. in some units your unit team will compete in the local leagues (usually requires someone dedicated to sort out all the admin crap though). the royal engineers at 1RSME in chatham used to be very generous; i ran the team and the unit coughed up all fees, from league entry fees, to travel costs and EBBA membership for all players.

    the army offers courses in things like basketball skills, table official, refereeing etc. i also did my EBBA Class 2 coach course, but that was civvy; but it helps to have something like that under your belt for insurance purposes, if you're going to coach / run the team as well as play.

    basketball in the army suffers from the same disease as basketball in the UK as a whole: it's simply not very popular. but you can usually find enough like-minded people to get a team up and running, if there isn't already one where you end up.

    p.s. tankiesyank: us playing you at basketball is like you playing us at football :)
  4. So unless i put the hours in, chances are i wont get to play propperly. (Although i am prepared to)
  5. i don't really understand what you mean by that. are you saying you're not very good?
  6. From what has been said it looks to me that you are going to struggle to get enough people at whatever base you go to, to get a team together. By definition, you will then have to have a good enough team and the support of the CoC to be able to play other teams. That may prove tricky.

    The upside to this is that, with a smaller number of teams you have a higher chance of progressing up the ladder and, therby attracting the kudos of your superiors.

    "So, you came third in the National competition? That makes the Bn. look good! Well done Cornish Wanderer!"

    Just don't mention there were only three teams :wink: :lol:
  7. Oh sorry, mis-read your post, although i'm not brilliant i meant something else, but doesn't matter. So is the quality of the unit teams high. And do you know, what corps tends to be the best?
    Cheers for the advice by the way, it isn't exactly the most popular subject but i look foward to playing.
  8. is there a single statement in this post that is not from a position of ignorance? do you know anything at all about basketball in the army? or do you just potter around making ill-informed guesses about stuff, based on what other people have written? :)
  9. Tolly used to play back in the day. He was a good egg, and probably has his hand in the sport still if he's still serving?
  10. used to be my next door neighbour too. but i doubt his real nickname is much use to someone on arrse though PA, unless you know his user ID? :)
  11. Tolly was a REME Staffy when I knew him. His surname is Tolson. No idea if he's on here or not?

    He's one of theose generally annoying people that's really good at any sport, or certainly was at the time.

    Edited to add - his email address is at the bottom of that webpage, so he's still serving somehere.
  12. can you delete that mate? no real names supposed to be used on here.
  13. His email address is on the website! I'm sure it's hardly a secret if it's on the web.