Army Barbers in Training Depots

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chunkygucci, Jul 28, 2011.

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  1. O my god, what brain dead weirdo's they are.

    There were two old gits at Pirbright and a escaped lunatic in ITB Ouston who was ex-SAS / SBS & an ex- US SEAL.

    I'm sure he was trying to groom the recruits?

    Any other bad experiences?
  2. Apart from the fucking haircuts?
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  3. Of course he was - My barber foiled a plot to take over a building by strapping a PC to a load of Semtex and chucking it down a lift shaft. Fuck along now ...
  4. As if a No4 all over when you've a 'fivehead' wasn't bad enough, our barber used to smear brylcream into our young, hungry anuses before spearing us.Kissing my grandfather now, always gives me an does plating my grandmother's date.
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  5. Yeah good one .
  6. The days of noshing at the Flaming Mug still haunt you my son - after a hard day at the PAFB - i absolve you and set you on the path to heaven.
  7. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    as we hadnt been paid - a lot of lads tried cutting their own/each others and made a right mess of it with blood everywhere but that was before clippers were freely available.

    5 at the front with a bit of fringe, 3 at the back and 0 down the sides, neat and tidy for a couple of months :)
  8. If its the same bloke who was the in 88 ish he had more stories than tropper...............................come to think of it...
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  9. It never mattered what you asked for in Juniors you always came out with the same cut, short back and sides and a wanky fringe.

    Talking about haircuts, I did enjoy when you had come off summer leave in Juniors and there was the usual admin fuck'ups who'd never bothered to get a haircut. They would then set about getting some other fuck up to cut their hair late on a Sunday night. This would end in some Frankenstein lop sided creation with razor cuts.

    Cue next morning on parade checking for haircuts, "who the fuck cut your hair?" , "it was me mam Sarge" "you sure". etc .etc
    Always ended up as "Number 2 all over, by lunch time, no excuses".
  10. Hair comes in only two styles for Men
    No.2 (winter)
    Everything else is fer Burds and Poofs like. Wisdom from Sinner senior (To be honest he was mentally ill, he ENJOYED jumping out of perfectly servicable aircraft and Pink french style hats).
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  11. I take it you're on about Mick the Prick. He was in the TA and into sea fishing. He could bore the life out of you.

    Was waitin for the usual "Lionel Blair" style session when the CSM jumped the queue and I had to do one, Got jarred up on muster by him the next day.
  12. "Bert the Butcher" at JLRRE dover - would casually ask if you might like to purchase some boot polish/brushes/duster etc before asking you with a big smilee what haircut you'd like. he only did 2 types, Terrible if you didn't buy anything and utterly f**king awful if you did.
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  13. Nothing beats the "stylist" who chopped our hair at GV on Grapple 4. Missing teeth, orange lipstick and yellow stained fingers. I never found out what else she offered....
  14. You mean the "Flaming Jug", Fayetville? Full of hairy bear bikers, resplendent in oil and piss soaked Levis, complete with musky crutch.
  15. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    At the other end of the scale, we did have an ex Coldstream Guard regi barber stationed in the garrison. You called him up, he'd come over to the office, chop your locks, charge you a pound.