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The band of the Royal Welsh was at Chatsworth Country Fair yesterday. The commentator for the arena said that he was the Director of Music for the Coldstream Guards - so he should have known what he was talking about. He said that the Royal Welsh was the "last remaining British Army brass band". What's that all about, please?
Proword "No-Wah" - A brass band is made up solely of brass instruments, as opposed to a normal military band, which has lots of woodwind in it too.

Heard them at the 160 Bde Reserve Officers Ball a little while ago...very good they were too.
But see here for a reference to the British Army Brass Band, which as far as I'm aware attracts players from any and all units. (Bearing in mind that I'm a civvy, so may have this a bit wrong.)
They are the last remaining established brass band in the Army. There is a "British Army Brass Band" but it is made up of players from different bands so it doesn't really count. I think that there also used to be a northern cavalry brass band, but I'm sure they disappeared under SDR.

They've managed to stay as a brass band because they are TA and so pretty much get left alone by Kneller Hell.

So - how many regular infantry regiments/battalions have bands still?
johno2499 said:
So - how many regular infantry regiments/battalions have bands still?
In theory, none as all regular Musicians belong to the wonderful Corps of Army Music and are merely cap-badged to the Regiment/Corps that their band is affiliated with.

In practice the Household Division still have their bands - 1 each for the Foot Guards and, for some unknown reason, the Household Cavalry Regiment has two bands. Line infantry ceased to have their own bands in '94. They used to have 2 bands per division but this has now been cut to 1 each.

Give it about 5-10 years and I reckon there will only be the HDiv bands and maybe 5 outside London all cap-badged CAMus (along the lines of the RAF bands) with the consequent loss of tradition/heritage etc.


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