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Army Bails Out Sperm Bank


On first view, this struck me as a MACC task too far. Before I looked at the link I was thinking buckets and, possibly, Green Goddesses with the pumps going full blast. Yechh.
There were plenty of free samples left on the radio mouth piece, the telephone handset, the eye pieces of the binoculars, door handles, just about anywhere the next bloke would get hold off, in the towers whilst on Nuclear Site guard back in the eighties in Germany!

After hours in the QRF room watching non stop porn, two hours alone in the towers watching the bunnies shagging, you got bored!!
i already had a head start on you chaps, i have already contributed as a sperm donor, my magnificent DNA to the Gene pools of a single women needing/wanting babies.
i only gave it up when i got pestered too many time to "make a donation" that i had no sperm for anybody else ! lol
hellfyyr said:
Call me Mr Picky but the article does not say they were British soldiers?

If they were why were we donating to a private Austrian sperm bank?
Didn't imagine for a second that they were, IIRC the Austrians still have a thing for eugenics- Aryan poster children only need apply. :twisted:

BTW, spam sperm banks are constantly advertising for donors in student newspapers. Some places offer you $75, a private room and porn to order. Given that you can go up to three times a week, some of the students at my university are making an extra $900 a month by knocking one out- no cameras and no stage show. Be honest, is there really any better moonlighting job out there?

(I am now cursing the fact that I ate beef in the 1980s and 1990s- hence my swimmers are allegedly as mad as a box of frogs.)
The British have been doing this for years ...

the facilities used are called "Garrison Towns" and the modus operandi goes a bit like this...

Take one Sh1t hole town (Take your pick, Aldershot, collie, Chatham) with an undereducated oversexed female population of what medical circles call "Munters" add several hundred males who have to live in W@nk pit accomodation and spend every evening listening to each other snore, fart and masturbate and you have the headiest cocktail of potential lust since "the love boat" sailed into Pompey when it took a wrong turn somewhere in the azores...

Unleash the males into the local populace and watch the population treble with ugly mong feral children within 5 years ...

Nature ..... it's a beeeeyooodiful thing.
This reminds me of the BATUS urban myth. Soldier is taken to farm by Amish type sect, whose name escapes me, and offered sex with daughter/wife of the house. However no lascivious touching and she is wearing some bizarre mating gown. Husband/father supervises gene-pool widening. Afterward he gets a C$25 tip and a lift, in horse drawn buggy presumably, back to Medicine Hat.

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