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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by mistersoft, Apr 5, 2010.

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  1. Not just a plug for the website but to inform all ARRSErs who wander across and use the site, that despite Easter Sunday (supposedly) being a day of resurrection, since yesterday afternoon, the site has been (and still is at time of posting) fcuked. This is an IT nerd/geek technical term implying it don't work no more.

    The site admin have been informed and I can assure you they are working on it.

    I was also going to suggest people try this other excellent aviation related website but it appears to be fcuked as well. Just in case though:

    Edited to add: The Army Aviation website is now back up and running again.
  2. Before the Army Aviation website is inundated by applications for membership from pot-sprogs, walts (got enough of those already :) ), prisoners on death row with too much time on their hands or trainee hairdressers from Rotherham, perhaps I should mention something that I neglected to say in my previous post.

    As mentioned in THIS THREAD, the site is open to all currently serving or those who have served within an Army Aviation environment. So any current or former (and in no particular order) skygods, quiche eaters, bowsermongs, BATs (of both persuasions), groundies or any other trades involved in Army Aviation are more than welcome to join. As are any blanket stackers, shiny arses, slop jockeys or gym princesses who had the fortune (or misfortune depending on your point of view), to serve/be serving within that very same environment.

    Apologies if there have been any misunderstandings.
  3. Bats my Arrse, I remember when we where FRB's.
  4. Can ExLuftlancers join
  5. No problems there Tropper.

    And John, I too was an FRB but I'm trying to be hip and trendy. :)

    And failing miserably.
  6. My cunning plan is to use one of my other secret identities, or better still my real name, no, I think not, I'll just use the name I used in those far away days
  7. I've joined signed up and waiting for acceptance.Gone for my usual nick name , hopefully I get the big thumbs up.
  8. I think you'll find your wait is over. :)
  9. miztersoft
    "hip and trendy"

    Oh my Buddha !

    Still means there's hope for little old me.

    Oh I's deer King of the swingers
  10. You can tell it's a Bank Holiday weekend.

    It's happened again. :x

    Edited to add: We're up and running again.