Army Aviation in Ulster

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by india-juliet, Feb 10, 2006.

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  1. Im selling a book on E-bay, Army Aviation in Ulster 1913 - 2004. If any AAC chaps are interested. Bloody good read with great pics, no more room on the bookshelf for it.

    Item No : 6603541097
  2. Its a very good book. I have a copy at home.

    (Yours truly appears in it a few times :wink:. Enough of a reason to buy it!)
  3. Spotter!
  4. Dose it mention such Stars as 'Cockroach' the young lady of tender morals who utter the remark at a Kesh disco of
    " I going ta Fudge the sweet ass off that F-ing Barstward"
    For yes the conwesation took place in the privacy of the Ladies Bog which sum Agency guy had bugged.
    All in the intrests of Security. Naturally.
  5. Jonwilly,

    Just a hunch, but had you been drinking at all when you posted that last entry?
  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    circa 1914? :lol:
  7. Muttley, nay, just a memory of times gone by.
    Ya know I do worry about Blurs New Model Army, ya all seem so PC.
  8. Not PC Jon, just better at spelling.
  9. Muttley my littery achivements or lack of are ledgend on many a board.
    I never had the benifts of the outstanding edumacational facilities on offer to modern yuf.
    As I understand we have never met I have to explain I write like I talk, a dialect of the old North West of England of my yuf.
    Keep up the Good Work.
  10. Pleasure to meet you Jon. See your in Thailand, do you know Bob Mi**ard whom works out there, ex AAC?
  11. No. But name is familiar.
    Theres only one ex Air Corps person up north where I am and he was out the mob before I joined up. A former Pilot, ex Buffs, who worked for years in civvy street. He's now 70 ish.
    Younger guys tend to settle down south for the beach seance.
    Bas B the Chief Clerk is/was down in Songkala working for the offshore oil/gas company, but apart from that I know nothing.
  12. Does it mention "Sootys" lack of flying skills circa 1990?
  13. Not unless Ulster has moved to the Deserts of Saudi Arabia :D
  14. Dohhhhh, didn't read the thread properly

    Fair cop MDN
  15. That was priceless Aunty. LMAO.