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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by robbo9, Aug 13, 2006.

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  1. with the current situation at the airports, the airlines are now requesting army reserve to be called in for extra help with security.
    do think this will happen?
    what units will be called, just london units or any?
    will we be armed?

    any ideas?
  2. "do think this will happen?"

  3. Source please.
  4. Yes it will.
  5. "Ryanair, meanwhile, called on the government to provide police or Army reserves to help carry out searches. "

    Presumably Ryanair want the TA because they will be low-cost security!
  6. The source is a suggested request from the CE of BAA on this morning's news. I don't think they would use Reserves as they are looking for an instant fix. However, if there was a regular Regiment in the near vicinity .... ? After all, aren't the Armed Forces there to get Bliar out of trouble as he ponces around on the global stage or some fcukin' boat somewhere sunny???!!! W*anker!
  7. It could happen but it would defently be unarmed as you already have armed police . I reakon the role would only consist of maybe patroling the car parks ect. ie being a glorified carpark assistant.
  8. As much as I think Tony is a weak legged, spineless, shiftless git -

    Whilst he might do as he is told by Bush, I don't yet think he is under any pressure to do as he is told by Ryanair

    So no not yet.

    But if he does, and we are going to get full mobilisation rights to meander around a UK airport, count me well and truly in my friends. After all, the territorials were meant to be here to protect the (sic) territory.
  9. TA are not to be mobilised in any civil order type operations, as being sent to an airport with the potential of being used against any civil disorder would come under this, TA can't be used.
  10. If they employ the Army at airports will the big money earners pay for troops to do their job? Right you can have a company of troops at 300 quid an hour,plus free food and drink!
  11. No it will not happen, If it was going to it would have happened by now. Plus if they were called into help with security then they would only be there as a pressence and not acctually doing searches as they would not have been trained to the standardised body search as taught by the Dft. Its Ryanair wanting a bit of free publicity after the damaging last few days where they have obviously cancelled the majority for their flights.
  12. You would need to be Patrol Search Trained to search a member of the British public in the UK which you arent unless you've served in N.I.
  13. I understood those rules could be waived on the orders of the Home secretary/PM? Although I doubt it would be waived for something like this.
  14. 300 quid an hour for a company? that sounds like a bargain to me!

  15. By God! My CCRF training was pointless! Get the champagne!